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Saint Of The Day 23 May: Giovanni Battista De Rossi

Here is an instrument of God, a useless servant as they say, Giovanni Battista De Rossi who sacrificed everything for the cause of the poor

Giovanni Battista De Rossi is a tough temperament who, despite being not a little sickly, did not spare himself even the slightest effort

Yet he came from a tearful background, fatherless while still in his teens, and on top of that his brothers died one after the other.

Times were hard, as he was born in Voltaggio, Alessandria, in 1698.

It can be inferred that without a father he was a mouth to feed and not everyone could afford it.

Giovanni Battista De Rossi was thus helped to study until his ordination

However, one could not allow such a lively, intelligent boy to be left to family tragedy.

And so all distant relatives, friends, benefactors took him in, hosted him, and he did not let them tell him twice.

He went from house to house to move and wherever he found himself, he was hard at work in the studio.

He was so precocious that a dispensation had to be obtained in Rome to order him in advance.

Giovanni Battista De Rossi: unstoppable priest in his mission

From the age of 40, he became a confessor besieged by everyone, such is the relief that comes from opening up to him.

He continues to go from house to house but this time to visit those in need, the sick.

He was also a very young founder, starting the Pious Union of Secular Priests, as priests really needed to be more cohesive.

Ill, he died on 23 May 1764 at only 66 years of age.

Of course, there are popular saints who are much invoked, but let us bear in mind that there is no hierarchy of saints in Paradise and each one, due to his characteristics, can help.

Even John Baptist De Rossi can intercede for the whole world along with the entire court of angels.

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Dicastero delle cause dei santi

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