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Saint Of The Day on 26 March: Blessed Magdalene Morano

Among the list of Salesian names stands out the educator and religious Magdalene Morano, whose work certainly did not go unnoticed

Maddalena Morano lived a life that educated her to constant and unceasing sacrifice.

She soon found herself in disgrace and orphaned by her father, but was not discouraged and became her mother’s little angel.

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Magdalene Morano as weaver showed a generous nature

It is little things that make us saints in the eyes of others and one of them is certainly the sense of duty.

Maddalena Morano’s intellectual ambitions were impressive, but she knew how to renounce the superfluous.

The benefactor was a priest who paid for Maddalena Morano’s studies.

After a while, studying and graduating as an educator, she began to feel a vocation.

Magdalene Morano’s providential meeting with Don Bosco

Given the strenuous sacrifices, the girl felt the initial desire to become a nun, but Don John Bosco pulled the water to his mill, as they say.

And so Magdalena Morano became a Salesian, continuing to work for the education of the younger generation.

Together with co-founder Mazzarella, she devoted herself heart and soul to the education of tomorrow’s new generations.

She was a great sower, attracting numerous vocations.

Devoted to St Mary Help of Christians and St Joseph, she died esteemed by all the people of Italy she visited, reconciling teaching and pastoral work.

Bravo then to Don Bosco for not letting her slip through his fingers: an incomparable flair that brought great good to the girls.

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