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Saint of the Day, 11 September: Saints Proto and Hyacinthus

About Proto and Hyacinthus, from the Martyrology: in Rome in the cemetery of Basilla on the Via Salaria Antica, deposition of the martyred saints Proto and Hyacinthus, whom Pope St Damasus celebrated in his verses by recovering their burial mounds hidden underground. In this place, some fifteen centuries later, the intact tomb of Saint Hyacinth and his body consumed by fire were found again.

Proto and Hyacinthus, martyred brothers

Traditionally thought to be Romans, they were servants in the house of St. Philip who were arrested and executed for being Christians.

The main source for details on their martyrdoms, their acts, is considered very unreliable, although the relics of St. Hyacinth, known to be entirely authentic, were found in 1845 in the cemetery of St. Basilla, Rome.

This cult is now confined to local calendars.

For the 2nd-century martyr, see Hyacinth of Caesarea. For the Polish Dominican saint, see Hyacinth of Poland.

Saints Proto and Hyacinth were Christian martyrs during the persecution of Emperor Valerian (257–259 AD)

Protus’ name is sometimes spelled Protatius, Proteus, Prothus, Prote, and Proto.

His name was corrupted in England as Saint Pratt. Hyacinth is sometimes called by his Latin name Hyacinthus (in French: Hyacinthe; Spanish: Jacinto; and Italian: Giacinto).

The day of their annual commemoration is mentioned in the “Depositio Martyrum” on September 11, in the chronographia for the year 354.

The chronographia also mentions their graves, in the Coemeterium of Basilla on the Via Salaria, later the Catacomb of St. Hermes.

The “Itineraries” and other early authorities likewise give this as their place of burial.

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