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Easter 2023, Pope Francis will celebrate Holy Thursday in a Juvenile Prison

Easter 2023, the second time he has visited Casal del Marmo since he did so during his first Holy Week as Pope in 2013

Also in the ‘Casal del Marmo’ juvenile prison, as in the first Holy Week of 2013, Pope Francis will celebrate Mass in Cœna Domini on Holy Thursday, 6 April 2023, at 4pm.

Easter 2023, this visit is a continuation of the outlying places regularly visited by the Argentinean pontiff on Holy Thursday

The ‘Casal del Marmo’ prison, a prison for minors located north-west of Rome, had already welcomed Pope Francis for Mass in Cena Domini on 28 March 2013, 15 days after the start of his pontificate.

The Argentinean pope, who celebrated Holy Thursday Mass in the prison when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, then washed the feet of ten boys and two girls.

This facility, which houses many young inmates of the Muslim faith, had also been visited by John Paul II in 1980 and Benedict XVI in 2005.

Francisco’s return for this liturgical occasion, ten years later, is part of the continuity of the Holy Thursday celebrations in places of marginalisation.

In this liturgical context, he visited six prisons: in addition to the ‘Casal del Marmo’ facility, the list also includes the prisons of Rebibbia (2015), Paliano (2017), ‘Regina Cœli’ in the centre of Rome (2018) , Velletri (2019) and Civitavecchia (2022).

In 2014, he visited a facility of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, the Santa Maria della Provvidenza centre in the Casalotti-Boccea district of Rome, which welcomes people with disabilities and mental disorders.

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