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Saint of the Day May 11: Ignazio Da Laconi

A holy friar who spoke well his beautiful Sardinian dialect, much quoted by the writer Grazia Deledda: Ignazio Da Laconi

Have you ever seen a friar at a toll booth begging for alms?

Very rare.

But maybe it happened once in a lifetime.

In the order of Capuchin friars, of the Padre Pio branch which is different from other “false friends” orders, so to speak, that of “questua” is precisely a task to be assigned to a friar.

In some very ancient religious orders, the practice of collecting offers is foreseen.

And that clearly wouldn’t be begging.

In any case, the blurred boundary between the ethics of society and civil life and the law of God’s love brings us close to the mad.

And Ignazio Da Laconi was one of those fools who abandoned himself to God

Born Vincenzo Peis in 1701 in Laconi in the province of Nuoro.

Let’s see some interesting details of his biography.

For a while the future Fra Ignazio da Laconi turned a deaf ear to the Lord

He had already made a promise of consecration between himself and God, in exchange for a grace but then he thought…

But maybe God didn’t do it for this, he wasn’t listening to me either!

It’s what we often and willingly think in our hearts, turning a little “turn a deaf ear”.

Then he had the opportunity to ask for the miracle of healing and he could not go back on his word again.

Well, then this will be God’s will: that I become a Capuchin friar.

Thus the adventure of Ignazio Da Laconi began almost by sheer mad chance.

Ignazio Da Laconi consecrated himself in the Capuchin convent of Cagliari

Important people had to intervene to get him accepted because his health did not bode well.

But this handsome chap never made anyone complain, on the contrary he immediately made himself useful in roles of eminent responsibility: steward, begging officer, wool mill worker.

Always in mild, loving contact with the people of God: Ignazio Da Laconi is a figure of proximity.

In 1779 he went blind but never abandoned the rhythm of community life and its rules that he had chosen.

He died on May 11, 1781 at the age of 80, leaving an example of solid virtue.

May he intercede and continue his begging for our most miserable needs.

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