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Saint of the Day for April 18: Saint Galdino, archbishop of Milan and cardinal

Saint Galdino was a Cardinal Archbishop of Milan in the 12th century. From the data we have, we know that he was of a noble family – Valvassori della Sala-

He appears as chancellor in a charter signed by him in 1138, and archdeacon in a document of 1160.

His was a period marked by the struggle of the communes against Federico I Barbarossa, who opposed the legitimate Pope Alexander III (1159-1181 ) three antipopes: Victor IV, Paschal III, Callistus III.

The opposition of the archbishop of Milan, Oberto da Pirovano (1146-66), towards Barbarossa was such that it cost him his exile and the destruction of Milan (1162). He died in Benevento on March 27, 1166.

Worried about the situation in Milan and the fact that Barbarossa was imposing one of his men as Bishop of the diocese, in December 1165 Pope Alexander III summoned Galdino to consecrate him Bishop and, for the first time for Milan, create him Cardinal.

Galdino, Cardinal of Milan

Returning to Milan on 5 September 1167, Galdino followed the pontifical indications, giving full support to the Lombard League of Municipalities, established in Pontida, and favored the foundation of Alessandria in 1168, in homage to Pope Alexander III, to stop Barbarossa.

He reorganized the diocese, deposed the bishops who supported the antipopes and contributed to the reconstruction of the city.

Always attentive to the poor, he organized the distribution of loaves (later called loaves of San Galdino) and undertook to visit the diocese to support the clergy and the faithful in the face of widespread heresies.

On April 18, 1176, while he was in the church of Santa Tecla in the act of preaching against the heretics, he was seized with an illness, and died.

He is buried in the Milan Cathedral.

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