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Saint of the Day April 7: John Baptist La Salle

Great celebration today for the Lasallians who, thanks to their founder John Baptist, continue the educational work with generosity

Education is one of the fundamental pillars of society.

Educare comes from “ex-ducere” and implies the help of the educator to bring out his own talents which are those talents that Jesus wants well spent in the Gospel.

Here is the worry of Giovanni Battista La Salle, a real mission, to the point of even going in search of street children.

Some brief news on John Baptist La Salle

We are more or less in the second half of the 1600s, years in which there were certainly no scholarships.

The fortune of coming from a wealthy family of jurists thus became a grace for Giovanni Battista La Salle.

He trained in the best universities, the well-known Sorbonne and understood the value of education.

He marked some important revolutions for less well-off people such as the free primary education and the decadence of the fashion of the private tutor.

He grows together by educating himself in community life.

John Baptist used to say this frequently

“God be blessed,” whatever the conditions, were his favorite words of him.

He never forgot to bless God even when instinct, in adverse situations, would not let us do it.

He had an innovative method which led him to prefer his mother tongue to Latin in schools and to many other adaptations.

Someone vulgarly called him a populist but he continued strenuously in his mission and today he is considered the patron saint of educators.

A society like today’s can enlighten itself with such courageous examples that know how to educate generations with an authentic and genuine identity.

Sister Ines Carlone Missionary Daughters of Mary

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