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Central African Republic: Peace Impossible?

A small state on the African continent, the Central African Republic, always tugged by destabilizing jolts. Where is the peace?

The cry of a people is the lament of the earth that invokes help and always rises to God.

Our lands that have been smuggled by interest rings and flag claims are not silent.

We see it in every part of Europe and always in some meanders of the African continent, of which very little is said.

For this reason, today we are dedicating ourselves to the reality of the RCA and we want to call it that, not just Central Africa.

Central African Republic: An independent republic since 1960

The capital, Bangui, was called “Aubangui Charie”, a name somewhat derived from a flag story.

In 1959 the first president, Battlelemi Bogonda, began to take office, who went to the seminary for studies.

A very strong man who led the Central African Republic to independence on that, not so distant, August 13, 1960.

Sadly, he died in a plane crash.

And so happened the second president, David Doko.

But his cousin Bokassa continually tried to mount a coup.

He leaned towards a dictatorship and managed to take office by having the airport and the university built.

With the Bokoda operation, the objective was precisely to re-establish democracy with a five-year term for each president.

Thus he resumes the succession to the government starting from David Docko, Potosse Ange Felise up to Bozize.

Seleka and Anti-Balaka. What am I then?

Only one word is used when speaking of breaking the peace in the Central African republic and that of rebels.

But if someone rebels, there’s always a reason.

So, on one side or the other, we always talk about rebels but thinking about it we don’t always refer to the same people.

The seleka (not only Muslims) formed to carry out a coup in Bozize.

On the other hand, the Anti-Balakas (among them many of Christian origin) defend themselves against the selekas.

Therefore, it cannot be argued that the war in the Central African Republic is between Christians and Muslims.

It is not a religious war.

In fact, there is still no true peace since the origins of the first inhabitants of the Bantu ethnic group.

The horrors of war and the courage of Cardinal Nzapalainga in the Central African Republic

Imagine then, in this powder keg, the courage of Cardinal Nzapalainga who makes his pastoral visits from one territory to another.

And you know, to pass between one border and another, there are militias who have lined up in some crucial points.

In particular, Bangui acts a bit as a nucleus of protection because there is peace around the capital.

But the provinces on the border, far from the capital, in the North West are in situations of greater turbulence.

People flee, take refuge on the borders, towards Sudan, churches are burned, schools are not functioning, there are no hospitals and women die in giving birth to children who often then become hostages.

This contrast has exploded since 2012.

There was a transitional government ruled for 10 days by a woman, Catherine (the same name as the emperor’s woman) until the current government with Touadera Archange, in her second term.

Cardinal Nzapalainga is precisely bearing witness to a fearless people of God who are laying the first stone to build a church in the red zone of Bambari.

This cardinal has become such a very young man a bit like the biblical David and he does not back down.

Strengthened by his responsibilities, he continues in the mission of peace also through platforms of encounter between imams and pastors.

Going on mission to the Central African Republic not only urges us to bring humanitarian aid, often blocked to the provinces.

We must be builders of peace, and all if God wills.

Sister Ines Carlone Missionary Daughters of Mary

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