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Saint Of The Day March 16: Eusebia of Hamay

A saintly granddaughter, the one all diligent grandparents wish they had: Eusebia. Let us also pay homage to their sacrifices with this saint

A holy vocation that was passed on from generation to generation that of Eusebia who tried, in every way, to imitate the virtues of her grandmother Gertrude.

You know, as grandchildren, grandparents are always a mysterious reminder to us and this was also true in the 7th century.

A little girl to say the least, but already stubborn Eusebia

Today, in order to become a nun, there are precise stages to go through and a discernment of a certain kind.

It seems strange to read these ancient stories of saints, yet in those days people became women early on.

At the age of 12, when her grandmother, who was the abbess of the community of Hamay, in the north of France, died, her mother rightly decided to have her daughter’s entire community join hers.

Instead, Eusebia immediately wanted to take on the burden of a community

Given the reluctance to move, with the permission of the bishop, the community was continued in Hamay with the presence of Eusebia as abbess.

She did not fail in her mission and did well in the work begun by her grandmother, respecting the rule of life she formulated.

There are many mystical accounts of her departure.

The occult wealth of the heritage passed on by the grandparents is much greater than what we actually imagine.

And it is not just a matter of naming a day of commemoration for Joachim and Anne!

Bravo to the grandparents.

Sister Ines Carlone Daughters of Mary Missionaries

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