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Saint Of The Day March 14: Blessed Eva Of Liege

Friendship often appears in stories of holiness because one is always infected in love, and so it was for Eva, Juliana and Isabella

Certainly the real influencer here was Juliana, who was canonised on account of her mystical revelations.

It was too great a burden to keep so many prodigious graces to oneself and so confidences, on spiritual topics, flourished between Eva, Juliana and Isabella.

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One might say that a true spiritual alliance was crowned between the three women.

What is said about the blessed Eva of Liège?

Presumably, if it is true that Juliana was the influencer, Eva was among the three the well-to-do daughter from a wealthy family.

She thus contributed to Juliana’s oratory and decided to live according to the hermitic style of the Circumstian nuns.

She had a great fervour for the Eucharist and spent much time in adoration.

And so from this providential encounter of the two daughters, the liturgy of the universal church was marked.

Eva brought about the present feast of Corpus Christi

In one of her mystical tales, Juliana fired Eve with enthusiasm.

She had seen the moon, symbolising the Church in all its splendour, but across it stood an opaque stripe.

The latter emphasised a lack, precisely represented by a solemn feast for the most holy sacrament, namely the body and blood of Christ.

Undaunted, Eva interceded with the bishop of Liège, and so it went all the way to Pope Urban 4°, who did not hold back, thus instituting the feast of Corpus Christi in 1264.

The following year, this blessed Belgian, faithful to her friendship and eternal pact with God, died joining her companion Juliana.

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