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Saint Of The Day For November 20: Saints Adventor, Octavius and Solutor

Saints Adventor, Octavius and Solutor are believed to be the first martyrs of Turin, belonging to the legendary Theban legion and martyred in the 3rd century.

In the capital of Piedmont, where they are particularly venerated, the Church of the Holy Martyrs is dedicated to them, and their relics have been kept there since 1584.

The Liturgical Memory

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It is fixed at 20 November in the Roman Martyrology, on the anniversary of their death, while the archdiocese of Turin celebrates their memory on 20 January, the anniversary of the transfer of their relics.

It was the first bishop of Turin, Saint Maximus, who spoke of these martyrs.

Relics of Octavius and Solutor

Killed in the region of Turin, the bodies were recovered by the Christian matron Juliana and buried near Turin.

A first ‘oratory cell’, i.e. a small chapel, was built on the tombs, which was expanded into a basilica with an atrium by Bishop Victor, active in Turin towards the end of the 5th century.

Later Bishop Gezone renovated this basilica and incorporated it into a Benedictine monastery named after Saint Solutore, which had as its first abbot a certain Romanus, who was succeeded by Saint Goslin.

When the French ordered the demolition of the monastery in 1536, the bodies of the three martyrs were transferred to the sanctuary of the Consolata and finally, in 1575, the Church of the Holy Martyrs was erected, which still houses their relics today.

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