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Saint Of The Day For December 20: Saint Philogonius

Philogonius, Syrian lawyer, he was a great orator, highly regarded for his wisdom and fairness. Married, he had a daughter. He was elected bishop of Antioch in 314.

He promoted the fight against Arianism, a heresy that denied the divinity of Jesus.

He died in prison in 324, a courageous witness to the faith.

The Life of Philogonius

He was married and had a daughter, worked as a lawyer and was highly regarded for his fairness.

A highly regarded orator for his eloquence and moral gifts, he succeeded Vitale I as head of the Church of Antioch while still a layman.

He ruled that diocese with great wisdom and sagacity.

Together with Alexander he began the fight against Arianism.

He suffered persecution by Maximian and Licinius, was imprisoned and died bearing witness to the Christian faith.

The information about him is taken from a homily by John Chrysostom, delivered on the 60th anniversary of his death, in which, however, rather than the life and virtues of Philogonius, John spoke of the virtues needed to earn heaven, namely selflessness, generosity, a peaceful and beneficent spirit.

Patriarch Flavian I of Antioch also spoke on that occasion, describing and praising his life, but the transcript of this encomium has been lost.

Cult of Philogonius

The Roman Martyrology fixes the liturgical memory on 20 December.

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