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Ecstasy of St. Gemma: 6-10

The Ecstasies of St. Gemma, a powerful testimony of faith

Ecstasy 6

She must think only of sinners; her whole life must be one continuous sacrifice; the more the cross is against her, the more like Jesus’ (Cf. P. GERM. n. I). .

[September 1899].

If it is for your glory, then I will make it known to all; and if not, it is enough for the Confessor alone.
But in thinking ill of me has anyone offended you?
I must think only of sinners…. I must think only of sinners; you take care of the rest.
But do you ask me for sacrifices? As many as you want, I make. My whole life must be one continuous sacrifice; I will endure everything.
If I know it, Jesus! the more contrary to me the cross is, the more similar it is to Yours.

Ecstasy 7

She is confused when she hears from Jesus that she is enough for him and that he is her delight. She bursts into fiery accents of love; Jesus alone she seeks, and offers herself as a victim to him (Cf. P. GERM. n. XXII)

[September 1899].

O Jesus, you give the crosses to those you love. You, Jesus, are the love of all, you are the only love: I cry it out loud.
I would like to love you so much, Jesus! With that purity that the virgins loved you; with that fortitude that the martyrs loved you… then yes, Jesus… You know, Jesus, if I tell you too much: with that charity that your Mother loved you.
But what do you call me?…
I am enough for Jesus! I am your delight, Jesus!.. But how! Jesus is all mine!… I am enough for Jesus!… Tell me again, tell me, Jesus.
And many times you weren’t enough for me! How many times, Jesus, have I turned my back on you!… Is it possible, Jesus, that I can be enough for you? O Saints in heaven, lend me a heart. may Jesus love him so much.
So tonight, Jesus, will you give me that great gift? And then tomorrow evening I have to give it back to you.
Who am I, Jesus, that I am enough for you? I am entirely of the Heart of Jesus… What happiness, Jesus, that you give me! You are the support of my life, the flame of my heart, the pupil of my eyes… Do you want all the flame of my heart? At least you’re the first! Jesus, you only ask me for love.
Therefore, Jesus, to learn to love you must suffer. Even all your blood, Jesus, everything is a work of love.
Everything bores me… Jesus alone, one object alone, your love!
I am a gift, Jesus! If you want me, I offer myself as a victim; but my Confessor told me that I am a sinner.

Ecstasy 8

With a fervent prayer to Jesus he obtains the conversion of a sinner. She exalts the mercy of Jesus, she considers herself unworthy of his predilections, she yearns for paradise (Cf. P. GERM. N. I).


Your son, my brother: save him, Jesus. Why don’t you listen to me anymore today, Jesus?
He’s done a lot to you, but I’ve done more to you. Save him, Jesus, save him. For one soul you have done so much. Jesus, and because of that you don’t want to save her?
Be good, Jesus, don’t tell me like that.
You don’t listen to me, who should I turn to? You shed blood for him as for me… I will never get up from here again; save him. Tell me, tell me to save him. I offer myself as a victim for everyone, but especially for him; I promise I won’t deny you anything… Will you give it to me? It’s a soul!… Think about it, Jesus: it’s a soul that has cost you so much! He will become good, he won’t do it anymore, you’ll see.
Is he saved, Jesus, is he saved?
You are just, but you are also merciful. I’m not looking for your justice, but your mercy.
But did you save him? … Then he is no longer my brother: now he has become good, and I am always bad. I want to be good too. You have won, Jesus: you always triumph. Triumph, triumph! I ask you out of charity.
I realize it, Jesus: you couldn’t find her worse than me. For your glory you have now saved me: I am so happy. If you give me one a day, imagine, Lord… O Jesus, do not abandon sinners. The miserable are better welcomed… I pray for them and for me. How long has it been since I committed sins?
Is it possible that I always do it?
Are you happy, Jesus, with me? When I pleased you, I pleased everyone. If you knew how full of sins I am!…
Am I enough for you? But how will I be enough for you? Come, Jesus, to reign in my heart. O Saints of heaven, may it be your commitment to make me go to the celestial kingdom… with you, Jesus! Ah! all the trouble in the world. Ah! all the boredom in the world.
But think of the sinners: I want them all saved… all of them.
Tonight I wait for my things, your things, Jesus.

Ecstasy 9

He prays for the salvation of sinners, offering himself as a victim for them (Cf. P. GERM n. XV).


O Jesus, you seek me love; I don’t have any more: you stole my heart. Oh my Mama, take care of it tonight.
You always tell me that those who suffer love; so tonight [that] I suffered, I loved you, Jesus. Jesus, you give the cross to the one you love. You treat me like your Dad treated you. Jesus, you make me drink passion to the last drop; give it to me little by little.
Therefore, Jesus, do not abandon these poor sinners. I’m ready to do anything. You died on the cross; let me die too. They are all your children; if they are your children, do not abandon them. I, Jesus, want to save them all. If you abandon them, Jesus, then there is no more hope… Until you told me that you want them all saved, I look… Isn’t it me who has to suffer for them? So take it with me. You have many sinners, but you have few victims.
The victims want us to be innocent, and I’m not innocent. Save them, Jesus, save them!
I have committed many [sins], and you have had mercy… Wait, wait a little longer to punish them. Wait, Jesus; vent to me, vent, but wait. Whatever kind of suffering you send me, I refuse nothing.
O Jesus, why don’t you want to forgive them tonight? I want to be the victim of all sinners, Jesus. Or tell me, Jesus, that you want them all saved! Or what does your mother tell you? Whatever kind of suffering you send me, I accept everything. They offend you, and you take it out on me. You died on the cross for them too; wait for them, O Jesus. You have many sinners, but few victims. Please me, Jesus: wait. They could be converted.
My mother, take care of Jesus; tell him… Jesus, please me: wait, wait… I’ll see if I can; I will suffer a lot. We are all children of the same father; so why don’t you save them?
So for that I got something; Have you forgiven him all properly?
So, Jesus, you just can’t take it anymore? Vent to me. I want to be entirely a victim for sinners, I want to live a victim and I want to die a victim.

Ecstasy 10

Pray for the conversion of a sinner…

Tuesday, January 9, 1900, 3 p.m.

On January 9, 1900, at 3 p.m., I saw this young girl [Gemma] on her knees, her hands coupled, her eyes closed, in silence. Then she began:
My Jesus, is not my heart pure? Before I offend you, let me die now, that I hope to be in your grace. I have so much to tell you (here he stopped and stood a little piece). That sinner (and then shut up), no I don’t want to see (pause); that sinner has surrounded Your Heart with sins. I, do you remember when you showed yourself to me crucified? I had surrounded you all with sins (pause), and you had compassion on me. Have compassion on this sinner also, and as you call me your sinner, call him also your sinner.
What is that cross, Jesus? Your Mother weeps, and you do not answer me. Do not abandon him! People who love me have recommended it to me, and I recommend it to you. If it belonged to people who love me, what would you do? First I recommend him to you because he is my brother, then because the people to whom he may belong love me. I cannot reciprocate them: my Jesus, I have nothing to give you (pause). Are you leaving me so soon?

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