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Ecstasy of St. Gemma: 11-15

The Ecstasies of St. Gemma, a powerful testimony of faith

Ecstasy 11

He insists on the same sinner, offering his life for everyone.

Friday 12 January 1900.

On January 12, 1900 I again saw this young girl on her knees, with her hands clasped and her eyes closed, and she was saying:
Jesus, I would give you my hands and my feet, but I can’t, it’s mine. been forbidden by the Confessor. Take my heart, that I can. Make me suffer what you want; give me pain in my heart, Jesus.
Then she became short of breath and fell to the floor. She was supported and became suffering, and after a little silence she said:
Jesus, you suffer, you make me suffer too; do not listen to my flesh, which is the enemy of my salvation (pause). Jesus, that (pause). Didn’t you say that you died for sinners? (break). He is your son. Stubborn sinners! But then when (pause). Dear Mother, your office in heaven is to implore for sinners (pause). Do you want to leave, Jesus?

Ecstasy 12

For the same sinner that she has in her hands, she says she is ready to suffer any punishment and invokes divine mercy.

Friday 26 January 1900.

On January 26, 1900 I again saw this young girl on her knees, with her eyes closed and her wound held straight to her hand, as if a nail had pierced it; however, when I had seen one of her, I didn’t dare look at the other, I was so confused, because before I was doubtful about these facts. Drops of bloody sweat from her forehead. The blood was red, clear, and she prayed:
Jesus, I have that sinner in my hands, I offer you all of myself. I have all the permits, I can offer you everything. Do whatever you want with me (pause). It’s in my hands; I’ll account for it. I will see him safe. I don’t want justice, but mercy (pause). Yes, I have had all the permissions, I can suffer. I bear the cross, because it’s your cross (pause). The sufferings are yours (pause). I have triumph, lift me up and take me with you (pause). I want to come with you. Take me with you (pause). Jesus I love you so much.

Ecstasy 13

She would like to enter the Heart of Jesus or dwell in the sacred tabernacle; she lives and suffers for Jesus, who makes her happy even here on earth. (Cf. P. GERM. n. XXXII).

[Friday] March 16 [1900].

Jesus, open your heart to me, let her enter into it. O Jesus, you who see all my needs, why are you late in listening to my supplications? I want you, Jesus; and why instead of communicating yourself to my spirit in secret, do you do it so openly? I mean you the same… In this time that everyone on earth enjoys… in heaven they rejoice, do you want to leave me here alone to cry? Won’t you find, Jesus, some room for me? Why don’t you make room for me in the little room of your tabernacle? Come on, Jesus, please me.
Or what need do you have of me? You do not see. Jesus, that with the same power of love you can say that you are always in my heart? O Jesus!
Yes, my God, I want you. What I do, I do for you. If I am awake, I am always with you; if I eat, I eat for you; if I suffer, I suffer with you: my relief will always be you, Jesus. If I feel oppressed, I will always call you. I want to live by faith and hope; I no longer care about seeing you on earth: it’s enough for me to see you again in heaven. When I breathe, Jesus, I always breathe you; I will only look for you.
Yes, my God, yes; nevertheless, do not allow this mud of my body to rebel against your will… What is this, Jesus, this fire that invests me all over? I enjoy, Jesus… I enjoy, Jesus… I enjoy, Jesus. I would like to stay like this forever…. My God… if you make us so happy on earth, what will it be in heaven, dear Jesus?

Ecstasy 14

With Jesus Crucified he suffers, with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament he loves. Today the cross, tomorrow the wounds: she wants to be a victim alone with Jesus. She sighs for paradise (Cf. P. GERM. N. XXVIII).

Thursday 29 March 1900.

Hate! I’m tired, but some strength! Of everything that will happen, O Jesus, everything for you. I am free to choose, O Jesus: either tonight or now; but the Confessor’s desire is this, to be strong for tonight.
O Jesus, Jesus, hear what question the Confessor says: «O what do you do when you are in front of Jesus?». If I am with Jesus Crucified, I suffer; and if in Sacramento, I love.
How I complained yesterday, Jesus, because my head hurt! Yesterday with the head, today with the cross, tomorrow with the wounds… If we have to suffer, let us suffer together. Who will have suffered more, you for love of me, or I for love of you? Today the cross and tomorrow the wounds: what a spectacle, Jesus, who is about to appear before you! If you are crucified, I suffer with you.
Oh! but almost always, Jesus, when I look for you, I always find you on the cross… Meditating on your Passion, O Jesus, has always been a relief for holy souls, and I… why does suffering dismay me? So many times, oh Jesus!… Oh holy cross!
How beautiful you are, oh Jesus!… But if you let me see you as you are in heaven, I would die. O tell me, Jesus, wouldn’t it be a beautiful death?… Quickly break this chain, which keeps me tied to the world.
Today the cross, tomorrow… When, when, Jesus? Why complain? What comes from your hands is too dear to me!… How deceived are those who believe that suffering…
And I complain so much, Jesus! And the Confessor tells me to see if you suffered more for love of me, or I for love of you. And there is no comparison!
Tonight, Jesus, I want to suffer everything; or if you want to suffer too, we will suffer together. We want to be a single victim: are you happy, Jesus? Prepare me strength, Jesus; I don’t ask you anything else.
I would like to ask you many things; I would like to ask you about the convent; but you don’t answer me? If you want me to go, the sacrifice is made.

Ecstasy 15

Invite the Angels to adore the Crucified Jesus and collect his divine Blood. The thorns, the cross, the nails take revenge on her, no longer on Jesus (Cf. P. GERM. n. XXVIII).

Friday 30 March 1900.

Passion of Jesus!… Angels of Heaven, all bow down with me, for the Passion of Jesus. Let us collect the Blood of Jesus together…
Who is luckier than me… Jesus?… Passion of Jesus!… Between you and me alone… Let us all go to Jesus on the cross… A crucified God!… Yet, O Jesus, I have heart to resist you?… We no longer suffer near you… Come, everyone, come and collect the blood of Jesus, who shed so much of it; and I, the last of your servants, not even a drop.
I adore, Jesus, your shed blood, and I hope, O Jesus, that you will not have shed it in vain for me.
Hate! Jesus dies! Jesus, I want to die with you… Or thorns, or cross, or nails, how many times do I have to tell you? take revenge on me, no longer on Jesus.
Jesus dies, but he gives me life. Passion of Jesus…

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