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Spazio Spadoni In Burkina Faso

Second Forum of the Works of Mercy in Africa

On Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3, 2023, Spazio Spadoni organized the Forum on the Works of Mercy in Burkina Faso in the Diocese of Bobo Dioulasso. The second of its kind on the African continent. The themes of the first day focused on the spiritual aspect of the OPERAM Works of Mercy, while those of the second day invited participants to the concrete through the Hic-Sum project.  This sequence of themes was so exciting that it ranged from the Christian vision of the Works of Mercy to that of African culture, passing through the Qur’anic vision of the Works of Mercy. The audience was mainly made up of religious men and women, including an Imam. The presence of young Christians and Muslims coloured the assembly.

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Each time, after two themes, a moment of exchange, sharing and questions and answers followed. Very enriching moments through in-depth questions on the themes of mercy and works of mercy in the light of the apostolic letter “Mercy and Miseria” presented by Sister Germaine Nikiema of the Divine Mercy Congregation, the theme of the Works of Mercy in the light of the Qur’an presented by Imam Oumarou Mone. The theme on the Wisdom of Ubuntu (African Culture) aroused a lot of interest from the audience. For some, it was the first time to discover this wisdom that is now making its way into a variety of spheres, from religion to politics to education and diplomacy. The moment on the meeting of the different charisms with the works of mercy was well received. Someone also suggested to continue this exchange on the different charisms within the Union of Consecrated Persons for a reciprocal knowledge with a view to a truly synodal journey.

The Works of Mercy: an Instrument of Interreligious Dialogue

The Forum of the Works of Mercy of Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso has indeed shown how the Works of Mercy constitute an indispensable instrument of interreligious dialogue. The presence of the Imam and a delegation of young people from the Association of Muslim Pupils and Students of Burkina Faso in a highly Christian environment was well appreciated by all the participants.

Someone during the break said, among other things: “Only Spazio Spadoni can put together a cloistered sister and an Imam.”  The theme of the Imam and his various answers full of wisdom and light illuminated several grey areas in the minds of those present. The great discovery remains that the Works of Mercy are both purely evangelical according to the Christians present at the forum and are purely Koranic according to the Muslims present at the forum. From now on, the Christian can also confirm that the works of mercy are purely Koranic. The Muslim can also confirm that the Works of Mercy are purely evangelical.

It should be noted that the Imam placed great emphasis on the works of mercy directed towards animals and nature. A call from the Qur’an to protect the environment.

On Sunday, the themes of business and the Christian or believer as well as the one on reciprocity proposed by the Economy of Communion came to support the Hic-Sum project, which invites congregations to initiate small social enterprises for the autonomy of their community. The first encourages them to consider the world of business and enterprise as a world open to them as well, in order to evangelize it. The second was to show them how they must multiply the benefits in order to be able to direct them, some to business, some to the poor, and some to the formation of people in the spirit of giving and reciprocity.

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A gift that makes the insides vibrate

One of the highlights of the Forum was Imam Oumarou’s gift of the Holy Quran in French to Sister Emilie. Indeed, after the Imam’s presentation, a series of questions were put to him. Sister Emilie asked him if there was a Qur’an translated into French. The Imam shows the one he had and from which he drew passages to enrich his theme. Then he said, “I’m going to give it to you as a gift,” and he handed it to the sister, who couldn’t believe it.

She later wrote: “The giving of the Koran marked a strong and significant moment not only between Muslims and Christians, but above all a gesture of integration of women into the Islamic religious fact. I’m still moved by it. We are very grateful to Luigi Spadoni, who allows us to place Christ the Man at the heart of our various apostolic commitments.”

It was in an atmosphere of gratitude to the Spazio Spadoni Organization that the participants of the forum greeted each other, with the wish to meet again as soon as possible.

The residents of Spadoni Space are wont to repeat:

“Let us enter OPERAM! And let us flood everyone and everyone with works and say.

God’s Mercy is at Work

And we always respond!”

From today start using our motto. When you greet, when you rise, when you meet, when you do and share a Work.

Let’s build and cross the network of OPERAM together.


Spazio Spadoni

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