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The ReEvolution of the Works of Mercy: An International Forum in Cameroon

June 28 and 29 spazio+spadoni Forum to be held in Bafia, Cameroon

An Event of Great Importance for the Community and the Church

There is great anticipation for the international forum “The ReEvolution of Works of Mercy” to be held June 28 and 29 in Bafia, Cameroon. The event, organized by  spazio+spadoni in collaboration with the Bishop of the Diocese of Bafia, represents the third forum of its kind in Africa, following those held in Benin and Burkina Faso.

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An organization of excellence

The forum will be coordinated by a team of experts led by H.E.R. Bishop Emmanuel Dassi Youfang, supported by the vicar general and the chancellor of the diocese. This meticulous organization ensures that the event will run smoothly and that every participant will benefit the most from the planned discussions and activities. The presence of religious of consecrated life adds an additional level of spiritual depth and community engagement to the event.

An open invitation to the community

The Bishop sent a letter to the entire diocesan community and religious from other dioceses, inviting them to participate and fully experience OPERA M. This invitation extends participation beyond local boundaries, involving a wider religious community and encouraging an exchange of experiences and ideas.

A step forward for works of mercy

The Forum provides a unique opportunity to deepen the understanding and application of works of mercy in a contemporary context. Through lectures, workshops and moments of reflection, participants will have the chance to explore new ways to put these core values into practice in their daily lives and spread them in their communities.

“The ReEvolution of the Works of Mercy” is not just an event, but a movement that aims to transform the way the works of mercy are perceived and practiced. Participation in the forum in Cameroon offers a valuable opportunity for space+spaders and all those who wish to become aware of it.




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