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The Program and Organization of the Forum is being Outlined

The committee for the forum has defined the structure of the days

On Monday, June 10, the commission formed by the Bishop of Bafia (Cameroon), Monsignor Emmanuel Dassi, for the diocesan forum “The reEvolution of the Works of Mercy,” completed the organization of the days of assembly to be held at the diocesan headquarters next June 28 and 29.

The members of the committee are (from the photo starting from the left): sister Patricia from the community of the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family, Fr. Valérie Secretary to the Bishop, Sr. Marie Noël Messini of the Congregation Bethlehemite Sisters and collaborator in Cameroon for spazio + spadoni, Fr. Cristophe diocesan head of catechists, Rev. Sr. Leen of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and diocesan head of women religious, and finally Rev. Sr. Marie of the Emmanuel Community in charge of the diocese’s reception facility.

They presented the program of the Forum and the speakers in charge of the topics of reflection and study. Connections with spazio+spadoni and interventions by videoconference, will accompany the days of the Forum, a space of awareness for a solidarity that makes those who welcome it autonomous and transforms them into “messengers” and “actors” of the same communion with OPERA M.


The committee tells us how they organized the work

To spread the works of mercy in a diocese from a forum, it is important to create a structured and engaging plan. Here are some key steps we have thought of to do this and will curate:

  1. Create a Solid Base in the Forum
    • Central Theme. We dedicate a specific section of the Forum to the reEvolution of Works of Mercy, with discussions, articles and testimonies.
    • Educational Resources. We post articles, videos and infographics explaining the works of mercy and their importance.
    • Testimonies. We encourage Forum members to share their personal experiences with the works of mercy and narrate in the online magazine or through YouTube and Podcast channels.
  2. Organize Events and Activities
    • Online Meetings. Webinars or live streams with experts or religious figures to talk about the works of mercy.
    • Virtual or in-person Study Groups to explore topics related to the reEvolution of the works of mercy.
    • Community Projects that promote and coordinate hands-on initiatives and other volunteer projects.
  3. Collaborating with Parishes
    • Parish Support. We collaborate with parishes to promote forum activities. We ask parish priests to announce events and encourage participation.
    • Parish Meetings. We organize meetings in parishes to discuss works of mercy and involve more people.
  4. Create a Support Network
    • Organized OPERA M volunteers through a network of volunteers who can act as ambassadors of the works of mercy in the diocese.
    • OPERA M reference points in parishes and local communities where people can receive information and support.

Spreading the works of mercy in a diocese requires commitment and coordination, but through the effective use of a Forum, collaboration with parishes, and strategic use of social media, it is possible to create a movement- OPERA M-that inspires and engages the entire community.




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