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Mission and Mercy in Africa: Reflections from the First Conference Sponsored by Spazio Spadoni

Exploring the “reEvolution of the Works of Mercy” and Participants’ Thanksgiving

The first African conference, supported by Spazio Spadoni and titled “Making Space for the Re-evolution of Works of Mercy,” provided a key meeting point to explore the dynamics of mission and mercy in the African context. Following this significant event, participants wish to express gratitude and share reflections on the challenges and opportunities that emerged.

Gratitude Toward Spadoni Space

First, we would like to express our warm thanks to Spazio Spadoni for making this enlightening conference possible. Their dedication to promoting mission and mercy created a valuable space for dialogue and exchange of ideas among individuals from different parts of Africa.

Exploring the “reEvolution of the Works of Mercy” Cotonou – Benin

The conference theme, “Re-evolution of Works of Mercy,” stimulated deep conversations about the need to adapt and innovate aid and compassion practices. Speakers addressed challenges specific to Africa, exploring new perspectives on addressing inequality, improving access to resources, and promoting more inclusive mercy.

Diversity of Perspectives and Inspiring Stories

The conference sessions provided a platform for diversity of perspectives, highlighting stories of commitment and success in community aid missions. From approaching emergencies to long-term initiatives, participants learned from the experience of others, charting new paths for addressing humanitarian challenges.

Continuous Commitment and Tangible Action

The commitment expressed by participants goes beyond the discussions at the conference. What emerged is a strong desire to translate ideas into tangible action in their respective communities. The goal is to implement mission and mercy strategies that are sensitive to local needs and promote positive and sustainable change.

Looking to the Future with Hope

The conference laid the foundation for continued collaboration and future initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of African communities. The hope is that this event has sparked a wave of energy and inspiration that will result in tangible projects, promoting a new era of mercy missions in Africa.

An Important Step Forward

In conclusion, the first African conference in Benin sponsored by Spazio Spadoni was a significant step in exploring and promoting missions and mercy in Africa. The gratitude expressed by participants reflects the recognition of the importance of bringing minds and hearts together to address humanitarian challenges. Now, armed with new perspectives and connections, we look to the future with hope for lasting impact in African communities.

The residents of Spadoni Space are wont to repeat:

“Let us enter OPERAM! And let us flood everyone and everyone with works and say.

God’s Mercy is at Work

And we always respond!”

From today start using our motto. When you greet, when you rise, when you meet, when you do and share a Work.

Let’s build and cross the network of OPERAM together.


Spazio Spadoni

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