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Saint Of The Day May 5: Nuncio Sulprizio

Nuncio who left his mortal remains at the age of 19 lived his life not with the sad taste of misfortune but always with a smile on his mouth

Orphaned as a boy first by his father and then by his mother who in the meantime had remarried, reluctantly Nunzio, born in 1817 in Pescosansonesco (Pe), returned there.

A life gone to hell one would say when even the only consolation of the grandmother who lovingly looked after him vanished like in a breath.

What became of him and how did he deal with the rest of his days?

Nunzio’s fervent prayer gave him the strength to continue

His maternal uncle, a master ironsmith, took him with him and took advantage of him in a brutal and violent way.

He demanded exhausting rhythms for a 14-year-old teenager who began to fall ill due to malnutrition.

But he never mentioned stopping until it was necessary to take him to the hospital from where he was then discharged.

An army colonel then took pity on Nunzio’s condition and took him as a son.

He understood that God was drawing him to himself, Nuncio, and so he consecrated the rest of his days

The colonel was near the Maschio Angioino where the military regiment was located.

So imagine the happiness of the boy who suddenly found himself living in an immense castle.

His health still didn’t help him but in the hospital he practiced the virtues of mercy towards the other sick people.

He was hospitalized in the Incurable complex in Naples but was also discharged from there.

In reality, the conditions were quite worrying but it was the colonel who took him back with him when he realized that there were no other treatments.

Thus Nunzio expressed his greatest desire as if life were to begin anew: to become a priest.

And the colonel dad introduced him to a priest of Secondigliano, also today a saint who was about to found a religious congregation.

However, when the young man realized that he was not recovering the strength necessary for his project, he still did what was pleasing to God.

He put on a brown habit and had it blessed by a Carmelite.

All the rest of his days he lived in lively contemplation.

The holy worker Nunzio, so called for the strong sense of duty that gave dignity to every job, died on May 5, 1836.

May he intercede for us and so that he does not respond to evil with another horrendous evil.

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