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Saint of the Day for June 26: Blessed Raymond Lull

Blessed Raymond Lull’s Story: Raymond worked all his life to promote the missions and died a missionary to North Africa

Raymond was born at Palma on the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea

He earned a position in the king’s court there.

One day a sermon inspired him to dedicate his life to working for the conversion of the Muslims in North Africa.

He became a Secular Franciscan and founded a college where missionaries could learn the Arabic they would need in the missions.

Retiring to solitude, he spent nine years as a hermit.

During that time he wrote on all branches of knowledge, a work which earned him the title “Enlightened Doctor.”

Raymond then made many trips through Europe to interest popes, kings, and princes in establishing special colleges to prepare future missionaries.

He achieved his goal in 1311, when the Council of Vienne ordered the creation of chairs of Hebrew, Arabic, and Chaldean at the universities of Bologna, Oxford, Paris, and Salamanca.

At the age of 79, Raymond went to North Africa in 1314 to be a missionary himself

An angry crowd of Muslims stoned him in the city of Bougie.

Genoese merchants took him back to Mallorca, where he died.

Raymond was beatified in 1514 and his liturgical feast is celebrated on June 30.

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