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The Re-Evolution of Works of Mercy

spazio+spadoni’s OPERAM Project through the eyes of Rodrigue and Nicole

In a world reeling from conflict and despair, stories of hope and humanity emerge to remind us of the light that can be born even in the darkest moments. Such is the case of Rodrigue and Nicole, a couple who turned a visit to war refugees in the Goma camp into a journey of discovery and sharing of mercy. Their story is intertwined with spazio+spadoni’s OPERAM project, a re-Evolutionary proposal that aims to renew the concept of works of mercy.

The Goma refugee camp, located in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a place that holds stories of pain but also of incredible resilience. Rodrigue and Nicole, moved by a deep desire to understand and offer support, visited this place, bringing with them not only material aid but also a message of hope.

The stories of these people affected by war and forced to flee their villages range from chronic malnutrition to exposure to water-borne diseases, harsh survival conditions, sexual violence even on underage children, prostitution of young girls to survive and escape hunger, young men enlisted in armed militias, and families in disarray, struggling and hoping for ‘a new day’.

During their visit, they had the opportunity to talk about the OPERAM project, an initiative launched by spazio+spadoni that aims to renew and update the works of mercy. This project is not limited to a traditional interpretation of charity, but extends it to new forms of solidarity and social engagement, adapting them to the challenges of our time.

The vision behind OPERAM is simple yet profoundly transformative: to believe that every individual can be an agent of change, promoting concrete acts of mercy that address the most urgent needs of our society. This innovative approach aims to create a ‘Re-Evolution’ in the way we perceive and experience solidarity, prompting us to reconsider our role in the world and our ability to positively influence it.

Rodrigue and Nicole shared with the refugees stories of people who, inspired by OPERAM, have implemented extraordinary acts of mercy, demonstrating how compassion can really make a difference. They spoke of education projects, health initiatives, support for families in need, and how these actions have generated a virtuous circle of good.

Their message was received with enthusiasm and gratitude by the refugees, many of whom expressed their desire to participate in these initiatives themselves, as soon as circumstances allow. This interaction underlined the importance of spreading the culture of mercy as an instrument of peace and reconciliation.

Rodrigue and Nicole’s experience in the Goma refugee camp is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of mercy and solidarity. Through spazio+spadoni’s OPERAM project, a new way to face the challenges of our time is opened up, inviting each of us to be an active part of a re-evolution of works of mercy.

In an era marked by divisions and conflicts, the story of Rodrigue and Nicole reminds us that mercy is a courageous choice that can change the world. Their testimony, together with the OPERAM project, offers a vision of hope and action that, if embraced, can truly help build a more just and compassionate future for all.

So far, there are still people who do not have shelter, there are people who do not have enough to eat, there are still other basic needs that need to be met. As a result, these people are living in very difficult conditions. The situation is really catastrophic. So there is still a lot to be done in this area.

Rodrigue and Nicole



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