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Saint Of The Day For October 26: Saint Folco Scotti

The history of Saint Folco Scotti: the surname ‘Scotti’ suggests that his origins are Scottish, although at that time it was the inhabitants of Ireland and not Scotland who called themselves that, a land evangelised by Saint Patrick in the 5th century

From here missionaries, merchants and families descended towards Europe and reached Italy. It is therefore likely that the family surname derives from this ancestry.

Around the age of 20, he entered the canons of St Euphemia and, due to his marked intelligence, was sent to Paris to complete his studies.

At the age of 30 (in 1194) he was prior of Saint Euphemia in Piacenza and then archpriest of the Cathedral (around 1208).

Saint Folco Scotti Bishop of Piacenza and Pavia

When Grimerio, Bishop of Piacenza, died in 1210, Folco was elected successor bishop. Six years passed and Pavia, left without a bishop, asked Folco to succeed him to the cathedra.

The two cities, Piacenza and Pavia, were divided by strong hostilities, but it was Folco who was to be the great peacemaker between the two populations, first uniting the citizens within the individual cities, and then helping them to reach out to others.

A result obtained thanks to his testimony and pastoral work that saw him committed to the service of the poor, establishing canteens for the needy, free schools, and even male and female monasteries.

He died on 16 December 1229.

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