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In Togo, the voice of the Bishops for a peaceful electoral process

From 13 to 16 June, the bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Togo (CET) met in Lomé, the Togolese capital, for their 133rd ordinary session

In their final communiqué, they urged that a peaceful climate be maintained so that the elections can take place in this country, which, like so many others in Africa, is struggling to get through the post-election crisis.

In their role as watchdogs, the bishops appeal to the government and the various political parties to create a good climate for peaceful elections. They urge everyone to take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth electoral process. We know, they say, that when elections are not credible, there is a risk of disputes, and this generally leads to violence and crises that mar the post-electoral process.

The voice of the bishops in Togo

In Togo, where the census was just completed a few days ago, the people are impatiently awaiting the publication of the timetable for the forthcoming elections, and where the desire for a change of government is felt by a large part of the population. In its final communiqué, the Bishops’ Conference called on the authorities to keep in their sights respect for freedoms of all kinds. They also made a plea to the government for the release of political prisoners.

So why are the bishops so interested in the electoral issue in this country? Let us remember that in several African countries, the Bishops’ Conferences have always been in the vanguard in their prophetic mission as messengers of justice and peace, defenders of the little ones and the poor, promoters of human rights and committed to the common good.

At the end of their address, the bishops once again reiterated their closeness to the people hard hit by the terrorist attacks and to the defence and security forces. They urged the population to vote in accordance with their conscience and not to allow themselves to be bought.

The voice of the bishops in Togo (1)

“Catholics and men and women of goodwill in our country should all go out and vote for free, credible and transparent elections. This is the best way to continue to maintain peace and promote the development of our country”.

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