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The Congregation ‘of the Violets’

Sr Angelica 1

The Missionary Catechist Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary celebrate 104 years since the event of the violets.

On February 7, 2024, sisters and lay associates of the Congregation gave thanks to God for another anniversary of the violet event. In all the places where we are present (Mexico, United States of America, Spain and Africa) we celebrated with great solemnity and love this feast that marked the life of the community at the beginning of the Congregation.

Sr Angelica 2In the community of Puebla we gathered in the “Mother Sofia House” which is a place of evangelisation for the families of the whole Archdiocese of Puebla. The Eucharistic celebration was preceded by Fr. Franco I. Placencia Gómez priest of the Order of Clerics Regular Teatinos who reminded us of the importance of “being bathed in the blood of Christ to continue to be hope and witness for all families”. With grateful hearts for so many blessings received, at the end of the Eucharist we participated in a fraternal sharing.

Sr Angelica 3“Blessed are you who were bathed in the Blood of Christ” are the words that Blessed Concepción Cabrera de Armida, addressed to Reverend Mother Sofia Garduño Nava and that today continue to echo in every heart of the Catechist missionaries, always ready to respond to the needs of today’s families.

Sr Angelica 4May the Sacred Hearts keep us united to continue serving with love the families most in need of their presence.





Sister Angelica Valle Cabrera


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