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Saint of the Day for 02 July: Saints Processo and Martiniano

Saints Processo and Martinianus are two figures venerated as Christian martyrs

According to tradition, they were two brothers of Roman origin and were part of Emperor Nero’s praetorian guard in the 1st century A.D. They both converted to Christianity, abandoning their role in the Roman army.

Their conversion and their Christian faith were discovered and they were imprisoned and tortured. It is said that during their imprisonment, they miraculously healed the daughter of one of their captors. The mercy of their deeds is thus manifested in their caring for the sick, for in that gesture is poured the love that heals the wounds of the soul and soothes the pain of the body. This event attracted the attention and curiosity of the Roman people towards the two brothers.

Despite attempts to convert Processo and Martinianus to the worship of Roman gods, the two brothers remained faithful to their Christian beliefs. Eventually, they were condemned to death and beheaded. Their execution supposedly took place near the Via Aurelia in Rome, during the reign of Nero. With their characteristic love and mercy, these two saints are living examples of the works of mercy of visiting prisoners. With a deep concern for this condition, they dedicated themselves to bringing comfort, hope and redemption to those who were imprisoned, recognising in every prisoner the need for affection and an opportunity to redeem themselves. Their tireless commitment shows that even behind bars the light of divine grace can shine, offering the possibility of a new life and a path to conversion

After their deaths, Processo and Martinianus were considered martyrs and their veneration quickly spread among the Christians of Rome. Over the centuries, many churches and shrines were dedicated to them, particularly in the Italian region of Lazio.

The memory of Saints Processo and Martiniano is celebrated on 2 July in the Catholic Church. They are considered patron saints of prisoners, soldiers and carabinieri.

It is important to emphasise that the history of Processo and Martiniano has been handed down mainly through oral traditions and hagiographies (biographies of saints). As is often the case with early Christian martyrs, the precise historical details of their lives could be debated and are not supported by external historical sources.

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