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OPERAMisericordia: A New Mercy and Solidarity Initiative of the Franselian Community

How Father Borris and the Franselian Community Are Changing Lives Through the New Atelier and Acts of Mercy

Last 17 August, we had invited Father Borris, a Franselian Father for the celebration of the Holy Mass of thanksgiving and the blessing of our new “OPERAMisericordia” which consisted of the opening of an atelier.

It all began, by the grace of God, by sewing some scarves by Spazio Spadoni which we had distributed to our “Sons of Mercy” (Les Enfats de Misericorde). The demand for these scarves has increased as the number of children taking part in the group has grown. They are mainly children of poor and destitute families who regularly attend Sunday Mass. Every Sunday, in fact, after the celebration, Sister Agatha, our younger sister, together with one of the volunteers, gathers all the children for an animation by Coup Monde Youth, singing and dancing. We identify them mainly by the headscarf that corresponds to their “spiritual dress” according to Jesus’ robes of mercy and love.

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They are guided to prayer and the deepening of the Gospel and homily through a short catechism on the basic prayers, always emphasising God’s merciful love for them. Jesus’ acts of mercy are illustrated and each young person is invited to do the same by quoting the passage from the Evangelist Matthew: “Come, you who are blessed by my Father! Come and possess the kingdom that has been prepared for you … I was hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me drink … As often as you did this for one of my least brothers, you did it for me” (Mt 25:34-40).

These acts of mercy of Jesus, which He Himself established as the way of life of His missionary followers, are the pillars and objectives of the group “Les Enfants de Misericorde”. Our mission is to collaborate with the Holy Spirit in the formation of children, in body and soul, always aware of God’s merciful love for them in their personal daily experience in the family, school and community. Therefore, we imagine them as the protagonists themselves practising the various acts of mercy, corporal and spiritual, whenever someone around them is in need.

We look forward to organising with these young people a small “OPERAMisericordia” by visiting the sick and elderly of our community and guiding them towards small undertakings such as making rosaries and soap animated by the Spirit of communion and service.

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This is why we are doing our best to enhance the functioning of our “OPERAMisericodia” Atelier project. Sister Beatrice with the teacher Madame Julienne, have been working to meet the need for school uniforms for the pupils of a small neighbouring school, the “Enama College”. Sister Agatha assists them as they try to learn to sew more efficiently.

There are also some seminarians who have started asking for religious clothes. Although we have this small group of customers, we hope to increase production and thus sales to more and more people. Sister Beatrice tries to make samples of sacred clothing and vestments, polo shirts and school uniforms. In addition to the equipment which, thanks to the support of Spazio Spadoni, we had initially purchased, we have now found more material with what we have earned: two small tables for the sewing machines, chairs, a cabinet for the showroom. The next step will be another simple sewing machine.

We pray to God and hope that soon we will already have profits to support the activities and needs of our children, “Les Enfants de la Misericorde”. May our Merciful Lord Jesus Christ bless us as Missionaries of His Eternal Divine Mercy.

Sister Maria Angelita S. Jacobe
Oblate Sisters of the Holy Spirit


Spazio Spadoni

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