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Kenya: OperaM a way of healing, peace and reconciliation

Molo, Kenya: God’s mercy heals the wounds of violence

Molo is a small town in the Diocese of Nakuru.

When you talk about Molo what comes in the mind of most Kenyan is the post election violence.

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Yes, it is known for the violence which took place in 2007 after the general election and left many families internally displaced and many wounds physically, emotionally et psychologically. Many of the inhabits of many are still trying to heal those wounds.

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When the sisters Ministers of the infirm or Camillian sisters as known went there their main object was to help the families around their community. They visit the sick and accompany them during this period, feed the hungry in one word the practice the seven corporal works of mercy.

In the beginning of July, sister Marie Louise Ikitegetse started the OperaM with some 46 volunteers from St Timoty parish , Francis and St John the Baptist. With this volunteers Sister Marie Louise is teaching them the fourteen work of mercy, peace and reconciliation. Among the volunteers there are others from other denominations.

One can ask is there any improvement or fruits of this teachings of the last four months? Yes there many transformation in the life of the volunteers as seen in their testimonies. As the say that charity start at home, the volunteers have given the testimony that you can not give what you don’t have.

One of the volunteers said that since she started attending the formation on works of mercy, she understood that before going out to reach the community she needed to forgive herself and her entire family that is the husband who abandoned her, her parents and siblings. She was a Muslim and now is back to the catholic church.

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Another person said how he was able to forgive someone who offended him and is able to help people in the society to deal with their issues and those who were violent now there are able to live with others peacefully.

In conclusion all the volunteers inaninously said that they are healed physically and emotionally and ready to go out to spread the mercy of God.They have a slogan in Swahili which say “HURUMA YA MUNGU IMENIVUTIA” which translate “I AM TEACHED BY THE MERCY OF GOD”.

We hope to continue touching the life of many in our society of Molo.


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