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Training kicks off in Rome promoted by spazio+spadoni

Five days to talk about the reEvolution of the Works of Mercy

This afternoon, July 6, will begin the formation organized in Rome by spazio+spadoni and that will last for five days.

A time not only formative on the reEvolution of the works of mercy, but also of conviviality, exchange of experiences and enrichment thanks to the testimony of sisters and lay people from different realities and territories.

The training will take place at the “M.D. Barbantini” Holiday Home, a well-equipped facility in which to also provide space for personal recollection, meditation and prayer, favored by the large park outside.

Many of the religious sisters present were already in Rome for their university studies and at the end of their training, they will spend two months, before resuming classes, in some associations and parishes to build with them a twinning path and learn, by living it, the charism of volunteerism that they will try to transmit when they return to their countries of origin. Precisely, they are sisters from Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Philippines, territories where spazio+spadoni has been working for some time through the HIC SUM project.

The lay people who will take part in the training are representatives of parish and volunteer realities who will get involved in order to offer hospitality to the sisters in the following weeks trying to build with them a lasting relationship of interchange and committing themselves to raise the communities’ awareness of missionary work.

OPERA M, the proposal of spazio+spadoni

The training rides the wave of enthusiasm for the success of the Forum in Bafia, Cameroon, promoted by the Bishop, Bishop Emmanuel Dassi Youfang, precisely on the reEvolution of works of mercy and which saw the involvement of over five hundred people.

The mission of space+spadons is precisely to develop processes of renewed awareness capable of revealing how living the works of mercy is reEvolutionary in the lives of all men and women, wherever they are in the world. Within this framework develops OPERA M‘s proposal that will be deepened during the days in Rome.

Among the more than forty participants, there will also be those who, for the first time, will interface more closely with spazio+spadoni. For them, it will be a confrontation with a new reality that will, however, be introduced by the testimony of religious women who have been working for years in mission lands and who, with spazio+spadoni, have built strong and lasting local realities.

Providence willed that, in these very weeks, Sister Ansila, of the Daughters of St. Francis Institute, who has developed a HIC SUM project with spazio+spadoni in East Timor, should be in Italy. In the Asian reality, she also started a group of volunteers to spread knowledge of the works of mercy. His presence in Rome and his testimony will certainly be an encouragement to all present and a factual demonstration that “God’s mercy is in action. Always!”




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