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The Redemptorists’ call for peace in Haiti amid unprecedented violence

Rising Above the Storm: Amidst chaos and despair, a plea for unity and action to rescue Haiti

In the heart-stirring landscapes of Haiti, a country renowned for its vibrant culture and resilient spirit, a shadow of unprecedented violence has recently been cast, igniting a fervent plea for peace and stability. Father Renold Antoine, a dedicated Redemptorist missionary (CSsR) in Haiti, echoes the voices of many by urging prayers to quell the surge of violence that criminal groups have unleashed across the nation.

This outcry comes in the wake of a new wave of violence that has gripped the island following the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) summit in Georgetown, Guyana. The announcement by Prime Minister Ariel Henry of elections scheduled for August 31, 2025, sparked an alarming reaction from armed groups controlling the Haitian capital and its outskirts. Once rivals, these groups have now forged an alliance with a unified demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister, plunging the nation into chaos.

The missionary’s report paints a grim picture of the current state of Haiti. Police stations, sub-stations, and even the Toussaint Louverture International Airport have become targets for gang violence. Essential institutions like schools, hospitals, orphanages, and commercial banks have been looted, leaving the civilian population in a state of terror. Thousands have been forced to flee their homes, seeking refuge in camps under inhumane conditions, as the country’s republican institutions lay paralyzed, and major prisons in the capital have been overtaken by outlaws, facilitating mass escapes of notorious gang members.

Adding to the turmoil, the kidnapping of three nuns from the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny on March 5 underscores the deteriorating security situation. This event followed a national Day of Prayer on January 24, calling for the release of all kidnapped individuals, highlighting the dire need for intervention.

Father Renold attributes the escalation of violence to the stubbornness and incompetence of the political powers, whose inaction has not only perpetuated the lawlessness but also worsened poverty and health issues in a country already struggling as the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

The Redemptorists, in response to this crisis, issue a heartfelt plea to political leaders, both in power and in opposition, to take necessary steps to halt the violence and find a lasting solution to pull the country out of this dire situation. They call upon the international community to take action in the face of this grave crisis and urge individuals everywhere to stand up against the atrocities being committed against the Haitian people. In a powerful call to action, they stress the importance of rejecting complicity in these acts of evil and instead embrace a collective responsibility towards improving the nation’s well-being.

The message from Haiti is clear: it is time to say “NO” to the status quo and “YES” to life, progress, collective well-being, peace, and security for all. This call to action is not just for Haitians but for the global community to unite in support of a nation yearning for change. The Redemptorists’ appeal is a reminder of our shared humanity and the power of collective action to overcome even the most daunting challenges. Haiti, a land of freedom and resilience, beckons us to join hands in solidarity to rewrite its story, one where peace and prosperity reign supreme for every citizen.



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