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Christ in the mids of Bobo-Dioulasso through the redemptorist sisters

Monastic Life and Charisma of the Redemptorists: A Journey of Prayer and Service from the Heart of Italy to Burkina Faso

History, Charisma and Spirituality

The Sisters of the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer are also called: Redemptorists An Order of contemplative monastic life, born in Italy in the 18th century, precisely on May 13, 1731 in the city of Naples. The Order arrived in Burkina Faso on February 2, 1963, first in the diocese of Fada N’Gourma, precisely in Diabo through the monastery of Grenoble in France. The monastery of FADA Diabo in turn gave birth to that of Bobo Dioulasso, KIRI which currently has 11 sisters all from Burkina Faso. The charisma of the Redemptorists is based on prayer and praise, intercession for the whole world. They want to be a reflection of Christ in the midst of the world, to be the living memory of Christ, to continue Christ on earth. The spirituality of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer is both Christ-centered and Marian.

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Life at the Kiri Monastery

The Redemptorist sisters of Kiri lead a monastic life consisting of eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight hours of prayer per day. For them, work has a dual meaning: to earn their daily bread and to have something to share with others in need. Work at the monastery is diverse and family-oriented. From hospitality to beekeeping,  by way of agriculture, livestock, and local product processing The monastery is in fact equipped with a reception building that allows the sisters to carry out the service, to house and feed the people who come for moments of prayer, retreat, or simply rest. The monastery extends over an area of 04 hectares, which allows for space for a mango orchard, and for gardening activities that produce beans, corn, salads,  as well as a small breeding of rabbits, chickens, pigs, sheep. Based on their own mangoes, the sisters produce jam, juice, wine which are highly appreciated by those around them. Since the mango trees are in bloom, the sisters have created a small beekeeping activity with six hives. Thus, they produce bio honey at least for the consumption of the monastery.

The sisters of the Monastery of Christ the Redeemer at the forum of Spazio Spadoni

The sisters of the Monastery of Christ the Redeemer in Kiri prayed for the forum on works of mercy to be held from December 02 to 03, 2023 in BOBO Dioulasso. Their monastery was represented at the forum. Their presence was a plus in coloring the forum.  Among the impressions, someone said: “Only Spazio Spadoni can bring together a cloistered sister and an Imam. Let’s not forget that the forum on the Works of Mercy held in the Diocese of Bobo Dioulasso had a touch of inter-religious dialogue about it, thanks to a no less negligible presence of Muslims in a highly Christian setting. For the time being, the sisters want to get involved in the HIC SUM project, through the production of mineral water and fruit juice.


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