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The effects of the publication of ‘Fratelli Tutti’

The Global Impact of the ‘Fratelli Tutti’ Encyclical From Social Justice to Interreligious Dialogue and Francis’ Economy

The publication of the encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti (Brothers All)’ by Pope Francis had a significant impact globally. It was well received both within the Catholic Church and by many people and organisations outside the Church.

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Reflection on global issues

‘Brothers All’ addresses issues ranging from universal fraternity to social justice, from human rights to immigration, from the environment to politics. These topics have been the subject of discussion and reflection around the world, helping to promote constructive dialogue on important social and ethical issues.

Call to action

The encyclical calls for concrete action to build a more just and supportive world. It has inspired several social and environmental engagement initiatives, prompting individuals and organisations to work together to address injustice and inequality.

Political relevance

‘Brothers All’ directly addresses politics and governance, urging world leaders to commit to the common good and work together to solve global problems. The encyclical has influenced political debate in various contexts, drawing attention to the importance of ethics and responsibility in decision-making processes.

Promotion of interreligious dialogue

The encyclical emphasises the value of interreligious and intercultural dialogue as a means of building peace and mutual understanding. This message has had a positive impact on interreligious relations and the approach to cultural differences.

Involvement of the younger generation

As already discussed, ‘Brothers All’ is addressed to the younger generation, inviting them to engage in building a more just and fraternal world. It has inspired youth activism in various areas, from climate change to social equality.

Reflection on the economy and globalisation

The encyclical critically addresses the current economic system, calling for greater economic and social justice. It stimulated discussions on the role of the economy in promoting the common good and combating inequalities.

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In general, the publication of ‘Brothers All’ amplified Pope Francis’ call for greater solidarity, justice and care for others, influencing thought and action in various spheres worldwide. It has also had a direct impact on the ‘Francis Economy’, the international movement of young economists, entrepreneurs and change-makers engaged in a process of inclusive dialogue and young, vibrant global change towards a new economy. This movement, based on the principles of fraternity, solidarity and social justice, was strongly inspired by the vision expressed in the encyclical.

Both seek to promote an economy based on human dignity, sharing of resources, social justice and care for the environment. The encyclical reinforced the message carried by the movement, providing an ethical and spiritual foundation for the activities and efforts of the participants.

It reinforced the urgency of action in the field of economics and the environment, offering a clear moral framework to guide economic decisions and daily life choices. It has also given further legitimacy to the initiatives of the ‘Economy of Francis’ movement, strengthening their role in addressing inequality, poverty and the environmental crisis.

In this context, we would like to recall the commitment of Spazio Spadoni both in spreading the knowledge of the “All Brothers” through targeted in-depth meetings, and in the Economy of Francis activity through the activation of some collaborations with young people who identify with the Economy of Francis and the support of 40 scholarships for young people with economic difficulties at the Global Event held in Assisi in September 2022.


Spazio Spadoni

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