Spazio Spadoni, Founder Luigi Spadoni Awarded Honorary Citizenship Of Rosolini

Rosolini, in the territory of Siracusa (Sicily), wished to confer honorary citizenship on the founder of Spazio Spadoni, Luigi Spadoni

Who is Luigi Spadoni

A story, that of the founder of Spazio Spadoni, marked by precise cardinal points.

Two of them are entrepreneurship and participation in the Misericordie’s centenary journey.

A former founder of Spencer, a company that produces equipment dedicated to the world of Emergency Medical Services, Mr Spadoni has dedicated his life to voluntary work within the Misericordie.

And it was precisely from a Misericordia, the one in Rosolini, that the candidature was proposed, at the hands of its governor Antonino Savarino: the mayor of the splendid Syracuse municipality, Giovanni Spadola, accepted the proposal.

Honorary citizenship to Luigi Spadoni, protagonist of Rosolini’s Misericordia

On 2 May 2023, at 5 p.m., at the Council Chamber of the City Hall, the open City Council met, specially convened by President Dr. Corrado Sortino, to confer honorary citizenship on Luigi Spadoni, of the Spazio Spadoni Foundation and brother emeritus of the Rosolini Misericordia.

The ceremony was attended by a large number of volunteers from the Misericordie di Rosolini, Melilli, Modica, Pachino and Portopalo di Capo Passero, as well as by the president of the Rosolini Territorial Section of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Carmelo Di Martino, the president of the Apostolic Movement for the Blind of the Diocese of Noto, Cetty Giannone, and the president of ARID, Sara Scarso.

“The honorary citizenship to Luigi Spadoni, who has always worked for the concrete realisation of the works of mercy through the Spazio Spadoni Foundation, does honour to our city,” said the President of the City Council opening the proceedings.

Sortino also spoke about the projects Hic Sum and the two sisters, Sister Perla and Sister Angelica, who lived in Rosolini for a whole year.

Mayor Giovanni Spadola, who spoke immediately afterwards, after thanking our governor and all the volunteers of the Misericordia di Rosolini for their daily commitment in favour of the city, addressed Luigi Spadoni, describing him as ‘a great man, a special person, with a big heart and great generosity’.

The speeches by the vice president of the City Council, Concetta Cavallo, councillors Rosario Cavallo and Marta Di Grande, and councillor Giuseppe Giannone were also very heartfelt and appreciated.

He presented the figure of Luigi Spadoni, who “since his childhood breathed the air of mercy and who today spends his life to carry out concrete works of mercy in the peripheries of the world”.

Chancellor Don Luigi Vizzini, who was the one who launched the idea of honorary citizenship, explained that it was born “from the desire to give space to Spazio Spadoni, because we want the spirit that animates Luigi Spadoni with his countless initiatives to be amplified in our city.

I hope that this honorary citizenship will become a commitment for each of us, called upon to give hope for a better future to the younger generations and to our entire city’.

Finally, Luigi Spadoni’s speech was very touching, emotional, and long applauded. “I arrived full of feelings and a wonderful mixture of emotions, embarrassment and amazement,” he began.

“I am here to receive this honour with the gratitude and awareness of one who experiences every day that it is always and only reciprocity that wins.

I receive this honour on behalf of all the volunteers, the Missionary Sisters of the PROGETTI Hic Sum, the Brothers and Sisters of Misericordia and all those who live the soul and work of Spazio Spadoni in the South of the World.

I assure you that of all the things that could happen to me in life, I never imagined that one day I would become a Rosolinese.

During the time I have been among you I have been moved and touched.

I shared these sentiments with the Mexican Sisters, Perla and Angelica, who joyfully accepted, lived and breathed the Hic Sum PROGETTI, today a bridge that unites us to a distant continent and becomes a hope for new arrivals and other departures full of mercy received and shared to be given”.

Forum Benin 2023

Luigi Spadoni, who thanked the mayor, the president of the City Council, all the councillors and all the mercy volunteers, added that: “as an honorary citizen, I now feel the duty to be more committed to this city of ours and to contribute to its growth so that it always broadens its horizons so as to generate actions of mercy and mission throughout the world”.

“I hope,” he concluded, “to be able to continue to take an interest not only in the last of the peripheries of our planet but also in those of our earth and to be able to contribute, together with them, to generating a space on a human scale, because a space on a human scale is a better space for everyone.

Before I close, however, I ask you one thing: let us help each other to remain humble and small, but with big hearts; humble and small at the back of the queue so as not to lose anyone, humble and small.

I would say bow down to be of service, yes, servants.

Because there is no doubt that from Rosolini Spazio Spadoni will from now on be able to look better, understand better, contribute better to the much that still needs to be done.

And the secret of our success will lie in our being big-hearted and noble people with kind, clear and generous souls’.

After the proclamation by the President of the Municipal Council, who declared Luigi Spadoni an honorary citizen of Rosolini, everyone present stood up to pay him a long applause.

The motivation for the award reads: ‘to Luigi Cesare Pizzi Spadoni, Missionary of Mercy in the peripheries of the World, for his constant commitment in the world of Italian Catholic voluntary work, building bridges that bring peoples and cultures together and spreading the universal Christian values of brotherly love, help to the poor and respect for Creation’.


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