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Serafina Maria Acri Arcudi


Sleeves rolled up,

Waist apron,

Shoes on feet

Shoulder bag,

Piercing glance

Clear words,

Authoritative presence

Affectionate hugs

Hidden tears

Loud laughter.


Time to pray?

Let’s go to the chapel!

Time to celebrate?

Let’s prepare balloons and cake!

Is it time to eat?

Everyone at the table from the initial blessing to the final thanksgiving.

Is it time to welcome?

Everything is ready for the newcomer!

Is it feeding time?

I’m on it.


Formative path

In the mother house,

Active apostolate

In the family home,

Spiritual director

With whom to deal,

Young and elderly sisters

With whom to live the charism,

Women in difficulty to accompany,

Teenagers to be “tamed”,

Children to look after

Mothers to support,

Friends to meet

Enemies to pray for.


And the hour of illness has come…

So many years spent in diagnosis,

Events that precipitate,

interventions that follow one another,

Courage in the therapies,

Joy in living every moment,

Awareness of the imminent goal,

Trusting surrender to Him,

The crucified and risen Bridegroom

Source of vital energy

That bubbled from every pore of her skin until 2.30pm on 22 November 2018

When she left to return home. The prayer whispered until her last breath together with the community tuned in to the song of the angels and saints in the heavenly Jerusalem.

This was Sera, to the registry Serafina Maria Acri Arcudi, born in Cariati on 25 January 1965, entered the convent at Camigliano on 1 July 1985, temporarily professed on 4 September 1988, perpetually professed on 2 September 1995, mother of daughters and sons, young and old, received in the St. Gemma Family House, friend of young people and adults met on the way, Sister of St. Gemma committed to ‘rolling up her sleeves’ spiritually for the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of priests, always simple, humble and charitable as she had learnt from Mother Gemma Giannini, foundress.


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