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Saint of the Day January 11: Holy Child of Prague

Holy Child of Prague: Discover the History and Mysteries behind the Miraculous Guardian


Holy Child of Prague


Wooden statuette

Other names

Infant Jesus of Prague


11 January



O Holy Child Jesus, who spread your graces on those who invoke you, turn your eyes to us, prostrate before your holy image, and hear our prayer.
We commend to you so many needy poor who trust in your divine Heart. Stretch your almighty hand over them, and succor their needs. Stretch it out over children, to protect them; over families, to preserve their unity and love; over the sick, to heal them and sanctify their sorrows; over the afflicted, to console them; over sinners, to draw them to the light of your grace; over all those who, gripped by sorrow and misery, confidently invoke your loving help.
Spread it still over us, to bless us. Grant, O little King, the treasures of your mercy and peace to the whole world, and keep us now and always in the grace of your love. Amen.

The Saint and Mission

The Holy Child of Prague stands as a shining beacon of hope and mission, radiating a deep sense of spiritual purpose. His figure, as small as it is significant, seems to convey a message of universal mission, embracing anyone who seeks him with devotion. In it we discern the calligraphy of divine love and the clear mission to bring comfort and healing to souls seeking refuge. His impact transcends physical dimensions, channeling a mission of compassion and benevolence that resonates in the hearts of those who approach him. The Holy Child of Prague thus becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the path of those who wish to embrace the mission of living a life imbued with spirituality and love.

The Saint and Mercy

The Holy Child of Prague, with his gentle and penetrating presence, embodies divine mercy in a unique and powerful way. In his small hands he seems to hold comfort and understanding, offering consolation to anyone who approaches him with an open heart. His story rich in devotion and miracles inspires deep reflections on grace and compassion, conveying a timeless message of love and forgiveness. Through the figure of the Holy Child, we approach an experience of mercy that goes beyond words, nourishing the soul with the light of eternal benevolence.


The St. Mary of Victory Church in Prague venerates the statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague, a beautiful wax-covered wooden figurine. According to legend it was made by an unknown author at the request of a monk to whom Jesus appeared in the guise of a child.
The Spanish duchess Maria Manrique de Lara appropriated it, or perhaps it was given to her for her wedding; later her daughter gave it to the monastery of the Discalced Carmelites, which was located precisely at the Church of Mary the Virgin Victorious. Here it remained until 1631, when the Saxons attacked Prague and …


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