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Saint of the Day January 10: St. Aldo

St. Aldo: Life, Miracles and Spiritual Significance – Discover the History of the Patron Saint


St. Aldo




8th century, Unknown


8th century, Unknown


10 January



Lord Jesus who glorified St. Aldo the hermit, I beg you to grant me through his intercession the grace to imitate him in humility, union with God and service to the brethren. He discovered in you, source of life and peace, his reason for existing and manifested your love to those who seek you with a sincere heart to find light, serenity and joy in you. Saint Aldo, my brother and patron, revive hope in me and obtain for me that I may forever praise the Lord Jesus with you. Amen.

The Saint and Mission

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St. Aldo, a figure revered for his mission steeped in love and dedication, embodies the enlightening spirit of compassion. His path reflects a deep connection to spirituality and a commitment to enlightening the lives of others. Her presence shines as a beacon of hope, inspiring us to follow the path of kindness and selfless service. In an often hectic world, St. Aldo’s mission invites us to pause, reflect and cultivate benevolence toward others, spreading the light of his wisdom into our daily lives.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Aldo, an icon of mercy, left an indelible imprint through his example of unreserved compassion. His life was a hymn to kindness and generosity, a constant reminder to extend a hand to those in need of comfort and understanding. St. Aldo’s mercy was not limited to isolated gestures, but permeated every aspect of his existence, creating an empathetic bond with the pain of others. In his loving embrace, one finds an invitation to understand and forgive, to reach out without judgment. St. Aldo teaches us that true greatness lies in the ability to give unconditional mercy, transforming our world with an open and compassionate heart. His legacy resonates as an eternal call to practice mercy in every corner of our existence.


The figure of St. Aldo is still awaiting clear reconstruction: in fact, apart from the memory of his name, only scanty information about him has reached us. He probably lived around the 8th century. His burial place is certainly known, first in the chapel of St. Columbanus and now in the basilica of St. Michael in Pavia.
His name is not listed in the Calendar of the Catholic Church and…


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