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Saint of the Day January 01: Mary Most Holy Mother of God

Mary Most Holy Mother of God: Meaning and Celebration of the Marian Solemnity


Mary Most Holy Mother of God


Divine Maternity of Mary


01 January



O Mary, Mother of God and our most loving Mother, look benignly upon Thy children, who venerate Thee, invoke Thee, and trusting in Thee, praise Thee. Thou knowest, O Mother, how much we are in need of Thy succor and help. Deign to visit us, as You visited the house of Elizabeth. Pass with Thy Son Jesus through every country working wonders of Thy goodness and power. O Mother, come also to our dwelling place. Enlighten the errant, convert sinners, console the afflicted strengthen the righteous, form the saints. May Thy children all follow the paths of sincere return to God indicated by Thee in prayer and penance, may they all feel the attractions of Thy Immaculate Heart, and through It, consecrated to Thy Jesus, faithfully observe the promises of Baptism and live the Christian life integrally. O Mary, our Helper, come and fill us with every blessing so that, visited by Thee in life and especially at the hour of death, through Thee, we may reach blessed eternity. So be it.

Patron Saint of

Sardegna, Basilicata, Messina, Reggio di Calabria, Foggia, Cosenza, Savona, Scafati, Monopoli, Lanciano

Roman Martyrology

On the octave of the Lord’s Christmas and the day of his Circumcision, solemnity of the holy Mother of God, Mary: the Fathers of the Council of Ephesus acclaimed her Theotókos, because from her the Word took on flesh and the Son of God dwelt among men, prince of peace, to whom was given the Name that is above every name.

The Saint and Mission

Mary Most Holy Mother of God is a central figure in Christian mission, not only as the mother of Jesus Christ, but also as an example and guide for all the faithful. Her unique role in salvation history and her example of faith and obedience offer valuable lessons on the nature and purpose of Christian mission.

Mary’s mission begins with her “fiat,” her yes at the Annunciation. This moment of total acceptance of God’s will is the first step in her mission to bring Jesus into the world. Her willingness to serve as mother of the Savior is an example of faithfulness and dedication that inspires all believers to respond with courage and humility to their personal call.

Moreover, Mary’s life is a model of mission lived through service and love. From raising Jesus to her participation in his ministries to standing at the foot of the cross, Mary demonstrates an abiding and loving commitment to her role in the history of redemption. Her presence and support at crucial moments in Jesus’ life underscore her active role in God’s mission.

Mary is also a figure of intercession and guidance, bringing the needs of humanity to God and leading the faithful to her Son. This aspect of her mission is particularly evident in the various Marian apparitions, where Mary offers words of comfort, challenge and hope. Her continued presence in the life of the Church shows how her mission is always current and relevant.

Moreover, Mary is a model of persevering faith and hope. Her life was marked by moments of joy but also great sorrow, yet she maintained an unconditional faith in God. This example of confidence and resilience is a fundamental part of her mission, encouraging believers to remain faithful even in trials and difficulties.

Mary Most Holy Mother of God is a central figure in Christian mission, a model of obedience, service and faith. Her life and example continue to inspire and guide believers around the world, showing how each person can participate in God’s mission with love, courage and confidence.

The Saint and Mercy

Mary Most Holy Mother of God, or Theotokos, is a title that extols Mary’s unique role in salvation history and deeply reflects the concept of mercy. As the mother of Jesus, Mary is intimately linked to the mystery of the Incarnation, the supreme act of divine mercy, and her role continues to be a channel through which God’s mercy pours out into the world.

Mercy in the sphere of Mary Most Holy Mother of God is manifested first and foremost in her assent to the divine plan. With her “fiat” at the Annunciation, Mary agrees to become the mother of the Savior, accepting in herself incarnate Love. This act of faith and trust is at the heart of the story of God’s mercy, for through Mary, mercy becomes human in Jesus Christ. Her openness and yes allow God’s mercy to enter the world in a new and revolutionary way.

Moreover, Mary is seen as a model and refuge of mercy for all the faithful. Her intercession and ongoing support, as shown in various Marian apparitions and traditions, reflect her maternal role not only toward Jesus but toward all humanity. Mary is venerated as the one who hears prayers, comforts the suffering and guides the faithful toward her Son, demonstrating deep and continuous mercy.

Mary also participates in the mystery of mercy through her role in Christ’s Passion. Standing at the foot of the cross, she shares the suffering of her Son and offers her pain for the salvation of the world. This moment of suffering and love represents a meeting point between divine mercy and human participation, with Mary standing as mediator and participant in God’s saving plan.

Mary Most Holy Mother of God is intrinsically linked to the concept of mercy. Her role in the Incarnation, her life as the mother of Christ, her intercession and continuous support toward the faithful are all ways in which God’s mercy is manifested and extended. Mary not only brings us to a deeper understanding of divine mercy, but also teaches us how to live and receive that mercy in our lives.


This feast was instituted by Supreme Pontiff Pius XI in 1931, on the occasion of the 15th Centenary of the Ephesian Council, with the Encyclical Lux Veritatis

Jesus was born of a Virgin without the concurrence of an earthly father, because such a birth was fitting for the future Savior of mankind, who, although He had human nature in Himself, was nevertheless to be unaware of its conditions. This was the work of divine power: a Virgin became a Mother by remaining a Virgin.

This Virgin is Mary Most Holy of the royal lineage of David: “Behold, a Virgin shall conceive in her womb and…


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