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Saint of the Day for 7 June: Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Meaning, Devotion and Spiritual Significance


Sacred Heart of Jesus


Adoration of the heart of Christ


7 June



Trusting in the goodness of your paternal Heart, accept, O Jesus, the offering which, in the humility of our nothingness, we make to you today and always. Make us worthy to zeal the apostolate of your Heart with meekness and purity of spirit. We offer You this heart of ours with all its infirmities; You, O Jesus, sanctify and bless it. Grant, O Jesus, that we by propagating your love to our misled brethren may enjoy your reign of love and mercy for all eternity. So be it.

Patron of

Bellizzi, Zocca, Ciampino, Moconesi, Luserna San Giovanni, Calamandrana, Onani, Badesi, Renon, Vandoies, Canazei, Gargazzone, Fortezza, Terzolas, Garniga Terme, Porto Tolle, Torreglia

Roman Martyrology

Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, who, meek and humble of heart, exalted on the cross, became the source of life and love, from which all peoples will draw.


The Saint and Mission

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents a profound symbol of Christ’s infinite love and mercy for humanity. This devotion calls the faithful to contemplate the heart of Jesus as the source of grace, compassion and redemption. In his earthly mission, Jesus showed this unconditional love through his teachings, his miracles and, above all, his sacrifice on the cross. The mission of the Sacred Heart is intimately linked to Jesus’ invitation to follow his example of love and service. Anyone who approaches this devotion is called to live a life of charity, forgiveness and sacrifice, emulating Christ’s burning love for each individual. In addition, the Sacred Heart inspires a mission of reparation, encouraging the faithful to pray and offer acts of penance for the sins of the world. The apparitions to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque further strengthened this mission, revealing Jesus’ desire to establish public worship of His Sacred Heart. Through adoration, prayer and consecration to the Sacred Heart, the faithful are invited to actively participate in the mission of spreading Christ’s redeeming love in the world, working for the salvation of souls and the spiritual renewal of communities. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, then, is not just a symbol of personal devotion, but an invitation to a greater mission: to live and spread the love of Christ, promoting a culture of mercy, compassion and justice in the world.

The Saint and Mercy

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the emblem of Christ’s merciful love for humanity. This heart, burning with love, is open to all, offering refuge and consolation to anyone who turns to it. Devotion to the Sacred Heart invites us to contemplate the deep love of Jesus, who sacrificed himself for the redemption of humanity, welcoming each person with infinite compassion. In the Sacred Heart we see divine mercy in action, a love that knows no limits and always forgives. The wounds in Jesus’ heart are symbolic of the pain he endured for the sins of the world, but also of his inexhaustible capacity to love and forgive. This devotion calls us to respond with gratitude, seeking to imitate Christ’s mercy in our daily lives. The message of the Sacred Heart urges us to be instruments of mercy, to forgive generously and to show compassion toward all, especially those most in need. Embracing the love of the Sacred Heart, we are called to spread this mercy in our communities, working to heal wounds and build bridges of reconciliation and peace.


In the city of Paray-le-Monial, in a Visitation monastery, around the year 1670, finding herself on a day of the octave of Corpus Christi, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, prostrate before the Blessed Sacrament exposed for public adoration, Jesus appeared to her, and…


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