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Saint of the Day for 6 March: St. Rose of Viterbo

Saint Rose of Viterbo: Life, Miracles and Spiritual Legacy of the Young Italian Saint


St. Rose of Viterbo




July 9, 1234, Viterbo


March 6, 1251, Viterbo


6 March


2004 edition


not canonized


O most exalted Heroine, decorum of Heaven, marvel of the earth, flower the choicest of the third Order of the Poverello of Assisi, deh! impart to us, we beseech You, a living faith, an ardent charity, a true and sincere love for Jesus; sustain us in the anxieties of life and death, that protected by You on earth, we may come to enjoy with You God in Heaven. Amen

Patroness of:



florists, of girls

Roman Martyrology

In Viterbo, Blessed Rosa Vergine, of the Third Order of St. Francis.


The Saint and Mission

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Saint Rose of Viterbo, with her short but intense life in the 13th century, embodies a vibrant testimony of how youth is no obstacle to spiritual depth or missionary impact. Her story is that of a young girl who, despite her tender age, lived with an ardent love for God and indomitable courage in the testimony of her faith, offering a model of holiness accessible to all, regardless of age or status of life. Santa Rosa’s mission is notable for her ardent evangelical zeal, which led her to preach openly in the streets of Viterbo, urging conversion and faith in Christ in a time of political and spiritual turmoil. Her voice, pure and incisive, was not that of an academic theologian, but of a direct witness of the transformative love of God. Rosa embodied the Gospel she preached, becoming a beacon of hope and a sign of contradiction for the community her. Rosa’s courage and determination in facing opposition and persecution reflect a deep belief in the sovereignty of God and the truth of her Word. Unintimidated by authorities or social convention, her mission was fueled by an unshakable faith and a personal relationship with God, which gave her the strength to stand against injustice and speak boldly in defense of the faith. Santa Rosa’s life is also marked by miracles and celestial signs, which attest to her close union with the divine and her role as an instrument of God’s grace. These extraordinary events, however, do not distract attention from the substance of her mission , which is always to call souls to God and to live in a way consistent with the evangelical message. Finally, the legacy of Saint Rose of Viterbo reminds us that holiness and the Christian mission are calls open to all, regardless of her age. Her life inspires us to seek God wholeheartedly and live our faith with courage and conviction, even in the face of challenges. Rosa shows us that every Christian, regardless of their abilities or circumstances, can be a powerful witness to the love and truth of God. Saint Rose of Viterbo remains a shining example of how passion for the Gospel and love for God can transform a person’s life and influence the world around them. Her story is an invitation to live our faith boldly, to be fervent in prayer and generous in service, following in the footsteps of this young saint who walked courageously on the path to holiness.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Rose of Viterbo, with her life lived in the 13th century, offers an extraordinary testimony of how mercy can be at the center of the Christian mission, regardless of age or social position. Her existence, although brief, was a shining example of how love and compassion for others are concrete manifestations of God’s presence in the world. Mercy in Rosa was manifested through her ardent desire to help those who were in difficulty, both spiritually and materially. Despite her young age, Rosa possessed a spiritual maturity that led her to see Christ in every person she met, especially in the poorest and most marginalized of Viterbo society. Her commitment to preaching the Gospel was motivated by a deep concern for the spiritual well-being of her fellow citizens, ardently wanting everyone to know the saving love of God. Rosa da Viterbo understood that mercy is not just an act of charity towards those is in need, but also an attitude of the heart that reflects the infinite goodness of God. His life was a continuous act of offering to God, trying to imitate Him in his unconditional love and compassion for humanity. This attitude of mercy permeated every aspect of her mission, guiding her in her daily actions and in her relationships with others. Furthermore, the story of Santa Rosa shows us that mercy has the power to transform hearts and renew communities. Through her life example, Rosa was able to inspire those around her to live according to the values of the Gospel, promoting peace and justice in a society often marked by conflict and division. Her life testimony reminds us that, even in the darkest moments, the light of God’s mercy can shine through our words and actions. Saint Rose of Viterbo is a model of how mercy can be experienced in an authentic and transforming way. Her life invites us to reflect on how we can be instruments of God’s mercy in our world, reminding us that every act of love and compassion is a reflection of her infinite love for us. Saint Rose encourages us to look beyond ourselves and reach out to those who need her, thus living the true Christian mission inspired by mercy.


In the thirteenth century, the Church was troubled by baleful heresies and frequent wars and turmoil. Viterbo was then in a very sad condition. Heretics, atheists, were spreading through the city and the Christians had grown so tepid that their lives were little distinguished from those of others. But God’s mercy took pity on those people and sent them this Saint who was to be the savior of her fellow citizens. Born of virtuous parents in 1234. the little girl grew in virtue. From her tenderest years her parents noticed that this was no ordinary child, but that grace was working in her in a truly extraordinary way. She abhorred all manner of vanity in dress, fled frivolous company and…


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