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Saint of the Day for 5 May: St. Angel of Jerusalem

Saint Angel of Jerusalem: Life and Martyrdom of the Carmelite Saint in the Holy Land


St. Angel of Jerusalem


Martyr, Carmelite


March 2, 1185, Jerusalem


May 5, 1225, Licata


5 May


2004 edition



O glorious Saint Angel, precious gem of the mystical vineyard of Carmel, perfect follower of the patriarch Elijah, for the immense love you bore for God and souls, even to the martyrdom you fearlessly sustained as a new Baptist, to us supplicants concern, who attracted by your examples and comforted by your patronage to you we entrust ourselves. Sustain our faith, raise our hope and inflame us with the desire to copy your virtues in order to give glory to God, whom we aspire to possess one day with you in Paradise. Amen.

Patron of

Licata, Sant’Angelo Muxaro, Osidda



Roman Martyrology

In Licata, Sicily, Saint Angel, priest of the Carmelite Order and martyr.


The Saint and Mission

Saint Angel of Jerusalem is an emblematic figure of dedication and sacrifice in the history of Christianity. A native of the Holy Land, his life was deeply marked by his mission to spread the Christian faith and combat the heresies that threatened the unity of the Church in its early centuries. His fervent preaching and commitment to the truth of doctrine led him to travel across Europe, where he worked tirelessly to strengthen local Christian communities by his teachings and personal example. The culmination of his mission was realized in his martyrdom, which testifies to his unconditional loyalty to Christian principles. St. Angelo accepted death rather than compromise his convictions, showing extraordinary fortitude that continues to inspire the faithful. His life and sacrifice provide a clear example of how the true mission is not just to proclaim the Gospel, but to live Christ’s teachings to the fullest, even at the cost of one’s own life.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Angel of Jerusalem embodied mercy in every aspect of his ministry, deeply rooted in his life of prayer and action. Despite the fervor with which he fought heresies, his interaction with people was always imbued with a deep compassion for their souls. This duality between ardent defender of the faith and loving pastor is perhaps the most powerful testimony to his character. St. Angelo’s mercy was manifest in the way he welcomed the repentance of sinners and offered guidance and support to those seeking to find their way back to God. Even in the face of those who fiercely opposed his teachings, he responded with a patience and forgiveness that reflected Christ’s unconditional love. His martyrdom, an ultimate act of self-sacrifice, was the supreme expression of this mercy, chosen to bear witness to the truth without resorting to violence, but rather offering his own life as a bridge to reconciliation and redemption. In this way, St. Angelo not only defended the faith, but also left a legacy of mercy that continues to illuminate the path of believers.


Born in Jerusalem, by a twin birth, Angel was Jewish not only by race but also by religion, until his mother, converting to Christianity, brought her twin sons to the faith as well, and they were baptized together. E…


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