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Saint of the Day for 5 February: St. Agatha

Saint Agatha: History, Martyrdom and Devotion of the Patron Saint of Catania


St. Agatha


Virgin and martyr


III Century, Catania


February 5, 251, Catania


5 February


2004 edition



O glorious Virgin and Martyr Saint Agatha, you who from an early age consecrated your mind and heart to God, you who imitated the immaculate Lamb in the exalted purity of life, in the exercise of the most heroic virtues and in the glorious struggle of martyrdom; deh! pray for us, obtain for us to resemble you. May divine faith enlighten our minds and move our actions! May we be everywhere Christians, without human respect! May we obtain by your merits, triumph over our guilty passions and Satan’s assaults! May we attain the end for which God created and redeemed us, the blessed crown of Heaven. So be it.

Patroness of

Sant’Agata di Esaro, Filogaso, Sant’Agata del Bianco, Capua, Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Rivergaro, Sant’Agata sul Santerno, Sant’Agata Feltria, Montiano, Pavia di Udine, Prossedi, Martinengo, Basiglio, Ornago, Monticello Brianza, Bulgarograsso, Trescore Cremasco, Marcignago, Tovo di Sant’Agata, San Martino del Lago, Cappella de’ Picenardi, Castelpizzuto, Santhià, Pontestura, Oviglio, Viarigi, Venaus, Sant’Agata Fossili, Guardabosone, Moransengo, Sant’Agata di Puglia, Catania, Alì, Asciano, Radicofani, Besenello, Commezzadura, Sfruz, Arzignano


Of women with breast disease, bell founders, breast, firefighters

Relics place

Cathedral of St. Agatha

Roman Martyrology

Memory of St. Agatha, virgin and martyr, who in Catania, while still a child, in the raging persecution preserved in martyrdom her body illiberated and her faith whole, offering her witness for Christ the Lord.


The Saint and Mission

Saint Agatha, venerated as one of the most eminent martyrs in the Catholic Church, embodies a mission of faith and resilience that transcends the centuries. Her story, set in ancient Sicily during the persecution of Christians, is an example of courage and indomitable dedication to her faith despite extreme suffering. St. Agatha’s mission unfolded on several levels. First, there was her personal and unconditional commitment to her Christian faith. Facing trials and torture with extraordinary strength and determination, St. Agatha not only bore witness to her devotion but also became a symbol of resistance against oppression and injustice. Her ability to remain true to her principles in the midst of terrible persecution is a powerful testimony to the strength of faith. Moreover, St. Agatha’s mission was manifested in her influence and impact on the community. Her story of resilience and faith, passed down through generations, inspired countless believers and strengthened the Christian community. Her figure became a moral and spiritual reference point, especially for women and young people, who saw in her an example of dignity and moral strength. Finally, the martyrdom of St. Agatha is a clear example of how suffering and sacrifice can have deep and transformative meaning. In the Christian tradition, her martyrdom is not only a tragedy, but also a victory of faith and the human soul over oppression and death. St. Agatha’s life and mission are a reminder of the strength of faith and the power of resisting adversity with courage and dignity. Her story continues to inspire and guide, reminding the faithful around the world of the value of sacrifice, endurance and fidelity to one’s spiritual principles.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Agatha, one of the most celebrated martyrs in Christian history, represents a unique witness to mercy in a context of great suffering and persecution. Although her story is primarily about her martyrdom and the steadfastness of her faith, there is an aspect of mercy inherent in her story that deserves deep reflection. Mercy in St. Agatha’s life is manifested first and foremost in her ability to maintain compassion and love for others despite the adverse and cruel circumstances she faced. Her resistance to persecution was not only an act of personal devotion, but also an expression of deep concern for the spiritual well-being of her community. Displaying unwavering strength and determination, St. Agatha became a symbol of hope and comfort to the faithful, encouraging them to remain steadfast in their faith. Moreover, St. Agatha’s story teaches us that mercy can emerge even in the midst of the most extreme suffering. Her martyrdom, lived with exceptional grace and dignity, is an example of how divine mercy can work through acts of sacrifice and resistance. In St. Agatha we see the embodiment of mercy as a force that transcends human suffering, bringing light in the midst of darkness. Finally, St. Agatha reminds us that mercy is a fundamental component of Christian holiness. Her life and martyrdom are not only an example of fidelity and courage, but also of a profound capacity to love and forgive, even in the most difficult circumstances. Her legacy continues to inspire the faithful, showing that true mercy involves the ability to face adversity with love, grace and hope. St. Agatha is a shining model of how mercy can be lived and witnessed even in the most difficult trials. Her story is a perennial reminder of the power of mercy to transform pain into hope, suffering into strength and death into a promise of eternal life.


The city of Catania has the honor of having been the birthplace of this mystical flower severed by the storm in the persecution of Decius in the year 251, this is affirmed with certainty by the documents that narrate the martyrdom of the much-loved saint. A descendant of an illustrious family, in the prime of life she had consecrated herself to God with a vow of perfect chastity. But Quinziano, praetor of Sicily, having known her beauty and…


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