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Saint of the Day for 5 April: St. Vincent Ferreri

St. Vincent Ferreri: The Holy Preacher Who Set Hearts on Fire in Europe


St. Vincent Ferreri




January 23, 1350, Valencia, Spain


April 5, 1419, Vannes, France


5 April


2004 edition


June 3, 1455, Rome, Pope Callistus III


Most glorious Apostle of Spain, St. Vincent Ferreri, who sent as the Angel of the Apocalypse to preach to all ‘peoples the coming Judgment, you always preached with so much fruit as to draw not only to faith, but also ,to penance the most fervent, an exterminated number of Mohammedans, Jews and public sinners, making at the same time stun the whole world with an infinite series of stupendous wonders, because of the many exalted virtues of which you were always a true model, but especially because of your admirable charity, be our advocate and protector before the supreme Judge of our souls, imploring for us by your most valid intercession the pardon of all our faults which we again detest, and an unalterable fidelity in the observance of the divine commandments, so that after having in your likeness faithfully served and glorified him to the last moment of our lives, we may come to participate for all ages in that most special beatitude which you already enjoy in Heaven, and for which by your devotees you were acclaimed for a true prodigy of glory in Paradise. Pater, Ave, Gloria.

Patron of

San Benedetto dei Marsi, Ateleta, Lettopalena, Fallo, San Severino Lucano, Cersosimo, Amendolara, Fisciano, Camerota, Cervino, Serrara Fontana, Monterosi, Montebuono, Madone, Cusago, Spineda, Pietrabbondante, Castelverrino, Magliano Alfieri, Cannole, Celle di San Vito, Casteltermini, Castell’Umberto, Calamonaci, San Vincenzo, Casale sul Sile

Roman Martyrology

In Vannes, Brittany Minor, Saint Vincent Ferreri, of the Order of Preachers, Confessor, who, powerful by works and preaching, converted many thousands of infidels to Christ.



The Saint and Mission

St. Vincent Ferreri, the fervent Dominican preacher of the 14th and 15th centuries, represents a living embodiment of the evangelizing mission at the heart of the Church. His life, marked by an intense zeal for the soul and an unwavering dedication to the message of the Gospel, offers us an insight into how the word of God, proclaimed with passion and conviction, can transform hearts and society. Through his itinerant ministry, St. Vincent crisscrossed Europe, bringing a message of penitence, conversion and hope that resonated deeply in the hearts of many, sparking spiritual renewal in an age marked by turbulence and uncertainty. St. Vincent Ferreri’s mission was rooted in a profound understanding of the centrality of preaching in God’s plan of salvation. He firmly believed that the word of God had the power not only to enlighten minds, but also to convert hearts and renew people’s lives. His preaching, characterized by powerful rhetoric and a profound knowledge of the Scriptures, was animated by an urgent sense of the need for reconciliation with God, in a historical moment in which the Church itself was seeking ways of reform and renewal. The life of St. Vincent reminds us that the Christian mission requires courage, perseverance and an unshakable trust in the grace of God. Facing challenges and resistance, even within the Church, St. Vincent was never discouraged, but continued to preach with vigor, supported by his unshakable faith in divine mercy and justice. His ability to speak directly to the hearts of people, to touch their lives with the truth of the Gospel, demonstrates that the evangelizing mission transcends the boundaries of culture and time, speaking to every man and woman in the depths of their being. Furthermore, the ministry of St. Vincent Ferreri highlights the importance of personal testimony in missionary life. His life of prayer, fasting and penance served not only as a personal example of devotion, but also as a tangible sign of the message he preached. Through his existence, Saint Vincent embodied the truths that he announced, demonstrating that the most effective preaching comes from a life lived in full coherence with the Gospel. St. Vincent Ferreri inspires us to rediscover the transformative power of the word of God and the vital importance of preaching in the mission of the Church. His life invites us to reflect on how we can, each according to our own vocation, be heralds of the Gospel in today’s world, with the same ardor and trust in the promise of salvation that guided his ministry. His legacy challenges us to live our faith authentically, making ourselves credible witnesses of the risen Christ, a source of hope and renewal for all peoples.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Vincent Ferreri, known for his ardent preaching ministry across medieval Europe, profoundly embodies the notion of mercy through his ceaseless call to conversion and spiritual renewal. His life, permeated by a passion for the salvation of souls, reflects a central aspect of the heart of divine mercy: the desire that no one is lost, but that everyone can find the path to God again. Through his itinerant ministry, Saint Vincent touched countless lives, not only through his words, but also through his acts of love and compassion. His preaching was never detached or merely doctrinal; he was infused with a deep sense of participation in the struggles and pains of ordinary people. In this sense, the mercy of Saint Vincent was manifested in his effort to meet people where they were, bringing them a word of hope and comfort that was born from trust in a loving God ready to forgive. Mercy, for Saint Vincent Ferreri, was inextricably linked to truth. His preaching emphasized the need to repent and convert as a response to God’s merciful love. In this context, mercy was not seen as a passive approval of sin, but as a powerful invitation to personal and communal transformation. St. Vincent reminds us that true mercy challenges and changes, bringing to light the best in ourselves and guiding us towards the fullness of life in Christ. Furthermore, St. Vincent’s work reflects an understanding of mercy that embraces both justice and love. He was keenly aware of the injustices of his time and did not hesitate to speak out against corruption and decadent morality, both within and without the Church. His life teaches us that mercy also involves fighting for a more just and peaceful world, where the dignity of every person is recognized and valued. Saint Vincent Ferreri invites us to reflect on the richness and complexity of divine mercy. His legacy pushes us to consider how we can be instruments of that mercy in today’s world, announcing the truth with love, inviting repentance and conversion, and committing ourselves to justice and peace. His life is a reminder that mercy, an authentic expression of God’s love, has the power to transform hearts and renew the face of the earth.


St. Vincent Ferreri was born in Valencia, Spain, on January 23, 1350 to William Ferreri and Constance Miguel. Even before he was born, his mother had had a sign of his future greatness: so she always held him as a special gift from God and was educating him as such. He attended his first schools in his native Valencia, where he studied grammar and…


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