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Saint of the Day for 4 May: St. Cyriac of Jerusalem

St. Cyriac of Jerusalem: Spiritual Guide and Martyr in the Heart of the Holy Land


St. Cyriac of Jerusalem


Bishop and martyr




May 1, 363, Jerusalem


4 May


2004 edition

Patron of


Roman Martyrology

In Palestine, St. Cyriac, an anchorite, who for about ninety years led a life of great austerity in caves and was a model for anchorites and defender of the truth of the faith against the errors of the Origenists.



The Saint and Mission

St. Cyriac of Jerusalem is a figure who embodies the depth and complexity of Christian mission in its early days. As a spiritual leader in Jerusalem, one of the holiest places in Christendom, Cyriac not only faced the daily challenges of leading a community in a time of great political and religious turmoil, but was also deeply committed to the preservation and transmission of the faith. His leadership was based on an intimate knowledge of the Scriptures and an ardent passion for the education of the faithful, ensuring that Gospel truth was taught with clarity and precision. This commitment to the mission of evangelization, along with his martyrdom, underscores his courage in witnessing to the faith even to the supreme sacrifice. Cyriac’s life serves as a reminder of the price sometimes required to stand firm in truth and love in times of great trial.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Cyriac of Jerusalem, in the heart of the Holy Land, exemplified mercy through his pastoral ministry and martyrdom. In leading his community, he showed deep empathy toward the spiritual and material needs of his faithful, caring especially for those who were spiritually and physically vulnerable. His ability to forgive those who persecuted him and his constant concern for the welfare of prisoners and the poor reflected a visceral commitment to Christian mercy, demonstrating that the true strength of a spiritual leader lies in his ability to serve with humility and compassion. Even in the face of suffering and death, Cyriac remained a witness to divine mercy, offering his life as a symbol of selfless dedication and sacrifice. This approach to ministry not only consolidated the faith of his community but continues to inspire those who seek to live in harmony with the teachings of compassion and forgiveness at the heart of Christianity.


The name of St. Cyriac is well known even to those who ignore everything about this character, thanks to the beautiful Romanesque church that dominates the Adriatic city of Ancona from the top of the rocky Guasco hill. Indeed, it can be said that the church of St. Ciriaco, wide of hips and…


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