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Saint of the Day for 4 June: St. Francis Caracciolo

St. Francis Caracciolo: Life, Miracles and Foundation of the Order of Clerics Regular Minor


St. Francis Caracciolo



Baptismal name

Ascanius Caracciolo


Oct. 13, 1563, Santa Maria di Villa, Chieti


June 4, 1608, Agnone, Isernia


4 June


2004 edition


Sept. 10, 1770, Rome, Pope Clement XIV


May 24, 1807, Rome, Pope Pius VII


O God You guided St. Francis Caracciolo on the path of perfection, in humility and service to his brothers and sisters, sustained by a deep Faith and firm Hope in the infinite merits of Your Son, Dead and Risen, and in the transforming power of the Eucharistic Bread. Grant that we may rediscover the importance of fixing our gaze on the Crucified Christ and the need to have recourse to the power of the Sacrament of the Eucharist so that, fortified by your Grace, we may become “Good Samaritans” for all the brothers and sisters we meet on our way. Along the way, may the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom St. Francis Caracciolo loved so much and whose powerful Protection he experienced, take us by the hand. So be it.


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Roman Martyrology

At Agnone in Molise, St. Francis Caracciolo, a priest, who, moved by admirable charity toward God and neighbor, founded the Congregation of Clerics Regular Minor.


The Saint and Mission

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Saint Francis Caracciolo dedicated his life to a mission of reform and spiritual renewal, centered on Eucharistic adoration and service to the poor. Born into a noble family in 1563, Francis abandoned his privileges to follow a higher calling, feeling the urgency of a life totally consecrated to God. During his life, he founded the Order of Clerics Regular Minor together with John Augustine Adorno, with the aim of promoting a religious life that combined contemplation with apostolic action. This new order was distinguished by its devotion to the Eucharist, encouraging perpetual adoration and emphasizing the importance of Christ’s real presence in the sacrament. Francis was a tireless preacher, traveling throughout Italy to reform the clergy and strengthen the faith of the laity. His mission was characterized by an ardent desire to renew the Church from within, promoting charity, humility and a life of deep prayer. His devotion and zeal inspired many to follow him, leaving a lasting impression on the religious life of his time. Saint Francis Caracciolo reminds us that the Christian mission is a combination of contemplation and action, an invitation to live a life full of love for God and others. His legacy continues to inspire those who seek to live an authentic and transformative faith, rooted in Eucharistic adoration and service to others.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Francis Caracciolo embodied mercy through a life of service dedicated to others, combining a deep devotion to the Eucharist with a concrete commitment to those in need. His choice to abandon nobility for a life of poverty and humility is an example of how mercy can guide the most radical and transformative decisions. The founding of the Order of Clerics Regular Minor with John Augustine Adorno was a tangible expression of his mercy, as the order dedicated itself not only to contemplation, but also to charitable action. Francis promoted perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, seeing the Eucharist as a source of infinite mercy and spiritual renewal for the faithful. His work to reform the clergy and his tireless pastoral work reflected an active mercy aimed at improving the spiritual and material lives of people. Francis was known for his compassionate approach towards all, especially the poor and the sick, offering them not only material support, but also spiritual comfort. Saint Francis Caracciolo reminds us that mercy is a living experience, an act of love that manifests itself through service to others and devotion to God. His life demonstrates that true mercy requires sacrifice, dedication and deep empathy towards suffering of others, inviting us to live our faith with an open and generous heart.

The Congregation of Minor Clerics Regular

The Congregation of Minor Regular Clerics, founded by Saint Francis Caracciolo together with Giovanni Agostino Adorno, represents a vivid example of spiritual renewal and dedication to charity. Born in the context of the religious fervor of the 16th century, this congregation was distinguished by its combination of a life of deep contemplation with an active commitment to the needs of the community. Central to their spirituality were devotion to the Eucharist and perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, seeing it as the source of strength and inspiration for their ministry. The Minor Clerics Regular lived a life of poverty, humility and service, engaging in the reform of the clergy and the education of the laity. Their mission was not limited to the confines of the convent, but extended to caring for the poor, the sick and the marginalized, embodying God’s mercy through concrete actions. The congregation, through the centuries, has continued to represent a beacon of light and hope, keeping alive the spirit of its founders. With their example of consecrated life, the Clerics Regular Minor show how true devotion to God translates into generous and tireless service towards others, creating a bridge between heaven and earth. Their story is a powerful testimony to how faith, charity and worship can transform lives and inspire a more just and loving community.


As already in the Old Testament, so in the New, God never fails to raise up, according to the needs of the Church, men eminent for holiness, zeal and doctrine. One of these was St. Francis Caracciolo, founder of the Clerics Regular Minor…


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