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Saint of the Day for 30 March: Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday: Silence and Waiting in the Tomb with Christ toward the Resurrection


Holy Saturday


Descent into the underworld


30 March


2004 edition




The Saint and Mission

Holy Saturday, characterized by the silence of the tomb and the wait for the Resurrection, offers us a profound reflection on the mission of Christ and the meaning of our participation in His redemptive work. This day of apparent absence, in which the Savior lies in the tomb, invites us to contemplate the mystery of death and new life, underlining the importance of confident expectation and interior preparation for the joy of the Resurrection. In this moment of sacred silence, Christ’s mission seems to be suspended, yet it is precisely in the heart of this silence that His work of salvation reaches its climax. Holy Saturday represents the turning point between the crucifixion and the Resurrection, a time of transition in which we are called to reflect on our lives, our faith and our commitment to follow the Lord. It is an invitation to enter the mystery of Christ’s death in order to fully embrace the new life that He offers us. The quiet of Holy Saturday also reminds us that the Christian mission is not always characterized by external actions or tangible successes; there is also a contemplative dimension, a call to be present with Christ in the tomb, to be with Him in waiting and in hope. This time teaches us the value of confident waiting, of recognizing that God works even in silence, transforming death into life, desperation into hope. Holy Saturday also challenges us to reconsider the concept of mission as a path that includes both action and contemplation, doing and being. It invites us to find balance between active engagement in the world and moments of retreat and reflection, recognizing that both are essential for a mature life of faith and for effective participation in the mission of Christ. On this day of waiting, we are called to renew our desire for God, to purify our hearts and to prepare ourselves to joyfully receive the gift of the Resurrection. Holy Saturday is a precious moment of reflection and spiritual renewal that prepares us to celebrate the triumph of life over death, of love over hate. It reminds us that the mission of Christ and our participation in it pass through the mystery of the cross and the empty tomb, inviting us to live every day with the awareness that, through His Resurrection, Christ has opened for us the path to eternal life . In this time of silence and waiting, we are invited to root our lives more deeply in Christ, ready to bear witness to the joy of his Resurrection in the world.

The Saint and Mercy

Holy Saturday, with its profound silence and its expectation full of hope, invites us to contemplate divine mercy in one of its most profound and mysterious expressions. This day, suspended between Christ’s death on the cross and the glory of his Resurrection, offers us a sacred space to reflect on the nature of Jesus’ sacrifice and the immeasurable love that God has for each of us. It is a time in which God’s mercy is manifested not in external words or actions, but in the silent working of his love that transforms death into life. In the silence of the tomb, we are invited to enter the heart of divine mercy, considering how the love of God embraces and redeems all humanity through the sacrifice of his Son. The death of Christ, far from being a defeat, is the supreme act of mercy that opens the way to salvation for all. Holy Saturday asks us to stand still and wait, keeping alive the flame of hope in God’s promise of a new life. This requires a deep trust in God’s mercy, a trust that He will transform our pain, our loss, and our sin into something new and vital. This day also challenges us to reflect on the meaning of mercy in our daily lives. How can we embrace and practice mercy towards ourselves and others, especially in times of difficulty or uncertainty? Holy Saturday reminds us that mercy is not just an occasional act, but a way of being that imitates God’s love for us, a love that forgives, heals and renews. Furthermore, Holy Saturday invites us to recognize that God’s mercy works in the silence and expectations of our lives, in periods when God seems absent or our hearts are overwhelmed by doubt. In these moments, we are called to trust the hidden presence of God working for our good, even when we cannot perceive it. It is a call to live in hope that God’s mercy will bring us through the darkness into the light of the Resurrection. Holy Saturday offers us a precious opportunity to meditate on the depth of God’s mercy and his transformative power in our lives and in the world. It invites us to a renewed awareness that, even in moments of greatest silence and waiting, God’s mercy is at work, leading us towards the fullness of life and joy that we will fully find on Easter morning. It is an invitation to enter the mystery of divine mercy with hearts open and ready to be transformed by his love.


The third day of the Easter Triduum is Holy Saturday, which commemorates the descent to hell of Our Lord Jesus. Jesus remains in the underworld for a short time accomplishing his victory over death and the devil, freeing the souls of the good and…


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