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Saint of the Day for 3 May: Saints Philip and James

Saints Philip and James: Life, Ministry and Legacy of the Apostles of Early Christianity


Saints Philip and James




3 May


2004 edition


O God, our Father, who rejoices the Church with the feast of the apostles Philip and James, by their prayers grant your people to commune in the mystery of the death and resurrection of your only Son, that they may contemplate the glory of your face forever. Through our Lord Jesus Christ

Patron of

Collecorvino, Canosa Sannita, Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo, Rigolato, Monterotondo, Frascati, Lanuvio, Nemi, Andora, Airole, Giussano, Cornaredo, Gavardo, Castelleone, Laveno-Mombello, Venegono Inferiore, Merone, Chiesa in Valmalenco, Selvino, Cerete, Serravalle a Po, Corte de’ Frati, Tavernole sul Mella, Carate Urio, Corte de’ Cortesi con Cignone, Azzone, Santa Maria del Molise, Piea, Chialamberto, Carovigno, Diso, Peio, Campitello di Fassa, Contà, Terre d’Adige, Monte Castello di Vibio, Sandrigo, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Erbezzo

Roman Martyrology

Feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles. Philip, who was born in Bethsaida like Peter and Andrew and became a disciple of John the Baptist, was called by the Lord to follow him; James, son of Alphaeus, called the Just, believed by the Latins to be the Lord’s brother, first ruled the Church in Jerusalem and, during the controversy over circumcision, adhered to Peter’s proposal not to impose that ancient yoke on the disciples converted from paganism, finally crowning his apostolate with martyrdom.



The Saint and Mission

Saints Philip and James, two of the most enigmatic figures among the apostles, shared a common mission that significantly influenced the origins of Christianity. Although they came from different backgrounds, both embraced Jesus’ call and dedicated their lives to spreading his message. Philip, known for his direct approach to evangelism, and James, distinguished for his deep theological reflection, worked together and separately to bring the good news to distant and diverse communities. Their mission was not just to preach, but to live the gospel in a way that transformed the lives they encountered, facing challenges and persecution with unwavering faith. Their dedication to the cause of Christ not only helped lay the foundation of the early church, but also left a legacy of missionary fervor and sacrifice that continues to inspire believers in every generation.

The Saint and Mercy

Saints Philip and James, through their lives and apostolic ministry, embodied the mercy that is central to Christ’s message. Philip, with his fervor in welcoming seekers of truth, and James, in his ability to deepen and articulate the faith, both showed a deep respect and care for the spiritual well-being of the people they encountered. Their willingness to teach, guide and heal both people’s physical and spiritual wounds reflected their dedication to living out mercy in tangible ways. Through their example, they demonstrated that the heart of Christian ministry is loving service to others, service that is not limited to words but manifested in actions of kindness and mutual support. Their story reminds us that mercy is a fundamental pillar of faith, essential for building resilient and compassionate communities.


S. Philip, a native of Bethsaida, was a righteous man and often consulted the Scriptures to know when the promise of the future Deliverer awaited by all the nations would be fulfilled. One day Nathanael came to him, and…


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