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Saint of the Day for 28 May: St. German of Paris

St. German of Paris: Life, Miracles and Legacy of the Holy Bishop


St. German of Paris




end of the 5th century, Autun, France


May 28, 576, Paris, France


28 May


2004 edition


O glorious St. German, blessed bishop of Paris, we ask for the help of your protection. You have always been so good to sinners, so loving to all the unfortunate, so merciful to the poor. We pray to you St. Germanus that the Lord will deliver us from the bondage of our sins and the heavy chain of our unfaithfulness! Amen

Roman Martyrology

In Paris, France, St. German, bishop, who was first abbot of St. Symporian of Autun and later elected to the see of Paris, maintained a monastic lifestyle, devoting himself to fruitful work in the care of souls.

The Saint and Mission

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St. German of Paris, a 6th-century bishop, dedicated his life to serving the Church and the poor with extraordinary devotion. Known for his great piety and charity, his mission focused on the spiritual and material care of his community. His concern for the needy led him to establish hospitals and charitable institutions, becoming a living symbol of Christian compassion. Germanus was also a fervent promoter of social justice, often intervening to protect the weak and defend the rights of the oppressed. His ability to mediate and resolve conflicts earned him the respect and love of his people, making him a figure of peace in a time of political and social tension. His life of prayer and austerity inspired those around him to live a deeper and more authentic faith. St. German did not just preach the word of God, but embodied it through his daily actions, showing that the true Christian mission is rooted in love and service to others. The legacy of St. German of Paris lives on through the charitable and spiritual works he inspired, reminding the faithful of the importance of living a life of total dedication to God and neighbor.

The Saint and Mercy

St. German of Paris embodied mercy through every aspect of his life and ministry. Known for his deep compassion and generosity, he devoted much of his time to caring for the poor, the sick and the marginalized. His home was always open to anyone in need, offering shelter and support to all. Germano’s mercy was manifested not only in his works of charity, but also in his commitment to justice. He frequently intervened to protect the oppressed and resolve conflicts, using his position to promote peace and reconciliation. His ability to forgive and understand human weaknesses made him a beloved and respected pastor. St. German’s life was a living testimony to God’s mercy. Every gesture of help, every word of comfort, and every act of justice reflected his deep love for his neighbor and his commitment to live according to Christ’s teachings. His example continues to inspire, reminding us that true greatness is found in serving with a merciful heart and in actions that promote human dignity.


He lived in the time of the Merovingians. He had as a friend and biographer the last great Latin poet, Venanzio Fortunato. He played a decisive role in the consolidation of the Church and the monarchy in France. German was born in Autun, in Burgundy, towards the end of the 5th century to a wealthy family who guaranteed him a good cultural and religious education…


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