Saint of the Day for 28 August: St Augustine

Between Inner Quest and Divine Grace: St Augustine’s Spiritual Transformation


St Augustine


Bishop and Doctor of the Church


13 November 354, Tagaste, Africa


28 August 430, Hippo, Africa


28 August


2004 edition


O great luminary of the Church, glorious St. Augustine, for that fervent gratitude in which, as soon as he was converted, you gave yourself to study the divine law and to arouse love with the admirable “Treatises of the Soul,” for that ardent zeal you applied yourself to refuting and converting all kinds of heretics, placing us under Your holy protection, obtain for us grace for a complete constancy of the practices of the faith and to be always worthy and grateful for all the works of Heaven, procuring with all strength the conversion of the wicked and the improvement of the good, making reparation for that living which is not in conformity with the precepts of Holy Mother Church, for the health of souls and of our own, in the name and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. So be it.

Patron saint of

Pavia, San Daniele del Friuli, Cava Manara, Riccia, Carpineto Romano, Savignone, Agosta, Ferrere, Novaledo, Ponte Nizza

Roman Martyrology

Memory of Saint Augustine, bishop and distinguished doctor of the Church: converted to the Catholic faith after a restless adolescence in principles and customs, he was baptised in Milan by Saint Ambrose and, on his return to his homeland, led an ascetic life with a few friends, dedicated to God and the study of the Scriptures. He was then elected bishop of Hippo in Africa, in today’s Algeria. For thirty-four years he was the teacher of his flock, which he instructed with sermons and numerous writings, with which he also strenuously fought against the errors of his time or expounded the right faith with wisdom.


The Saint and Mission

St. Augustine, through his extraordinary spiritual and intellectual transformation, embodied a mission of enlightenment and guidance for the Church and all those seeking truth. His conversion from a young man of dissolute life to one of the greatest theologians and philosophers of Christianity is a living testimony to the transformative power of faith and grace. His work, particularly the ‘Confessions’ and ‘The City of God’, laid the foundations for many theological doctrines and offered profound reflections on the nature of man and his relationship with God. Augustine’s mission was to unify reason and faith, demonstrating that both lead to truth. With his eloquence, wisdom and deep spirituality, he inspired countless souls to draw closer to God, showing that the path to holiness is open to all, regardless of their past.

The Saint and Mercy

Saint Augustine, one of the theological pillars of the Catholic Church, was deeply touched by divine mercy in his personal conversion. In his ‘Confessions’, he narrates the tumultuous spiritual journey that led him from debauchery to holiness, emphasising the fundamental role of God’s grace and mercy in his process of redemption. For Augustine, mercy is not just a divine gift, but a call to conversion and renewal of the heart. His profound awareness of sin and the need for grace led him to reflect intensely on human nature and the benevolence of an unceasingly forgiving God. His testimony is a powerful reminder that, regardless of our transgressions, God’s mercy is always available to those who sincerely seek it.


Augustine was born in Tagaste in Africa into a wealthy family. His father, Patricius, was a pagan, but his mother Monica was an ardent Christian.

Towards the end of the year 370 he went to Carthage to study rhetoric. He found so great an attraction in his study that he was compelled to force himself to leave it; but…


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