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Saint of the Day for 28 April: St. Valeria of Milan

St. Valeria of Milan: History and Meaning of the Holy Martyr of the Primitive Church


St. Valeria of Milan




III Century, Rome


III Century, Rome


28 April



O God, who in the glorious martyrdom of St. Valeria you gave us a sign of your loving presence in the Church, grant that we, who trust in her intercession, may imitate her in firmness of faith. Through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Patron of

Seregno, Pessano con Bornago

Roman Martyrology

In Ravenna, commemoration of Saint Vitale: on this day, as it is handed down, the famous basilica in that city was dedicated to God under his name. He together with the martyred saints Valeria, Gervasius, Protasius and Ursicinus has been venerated from time immemorial for the fearless faith tenaciously defended.

The Saint and Mission

St. Valeria of Milan represents a shining example of faith and endurance in the early days of the Christian Church. Her life, which culminated in martyrdom, reflects a mission deeply rooted in a conviction of the truth of the Gospel and a willingness to bear witness to this truth despite severe persecution. Valeria not only faced her fate with courage, but her story continues to inspire believers, showing how personal sacrifice can strengthen the faith community as a whole. Her dedication was a living message that encouraged others to remain steadfast in their faith, demonstrating that true mission is not just about living by Christian principles, but also about supporting and inspiring others, even at the cost of one’s own life.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Valeria of Milan, through her life and martyrdom, embodied mercy in an extremely powerful and influential form. Although she faced persecution and extreme challenges, her response was never one of anger or revenge, but rather one of forgiveness and love toward those who oppressed her. Her ability to maintain compassion toward others, even in the midst of the most excruciating suffering, demonstrates a deep commitment to the principles of the Gospel. Valeria’s story reminds us that mercy can be a revolutionary act, especially when it is exercised under pressure or threat. Through her example, St. Valeria teaches that true mercy requires courage and sacrifice, offering an inspiring testimony of how we can respond to evil with unconditional good.


St. Valeria is best known for being the wife of St. Vitale, an army officer who was killed and martyred in the city of Ravenna, and mother of the twin martyr saints Gervasius and Protasius, she lived in the third century. She would have liked to take her dead husband with her to the gates of Ravenna, but the local Christians prevented her from doing so. So she set out for Milan but encountered pagan peasants and…


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