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Saint of the Day for 26 June: St. Vigilius

St. Vigilius: Life, Martyrdom and Legacy of the Holy Bishop of Trent


St. Vigilius


Bishop and martyr


4th century, Trent


4th century, Trent


June 26


2004 edition



O glorious Martyr St. Vigilius, look with merciful eye upon this your Tridentine Diocese gathered at your feet to celebrate the tenth fifth centenary of your precious death. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for preaching to us the holy religion of Jesus Christ, the only true comfort in the midst of the tribulations of life, and sure hope to those who practice it, of arriving in heaven to enjoy eternally. Interpose, O glorious St. Vigilius, your valid intercession with God so that the religious spirit may always be kept alive in us, in our families, in your entire diocese. May the blood you have shed for us move the Heart of Jesus to grant light to the errant, perseverance to the good, so that we may all be reunited in paradise one day.

Patron of

Ovaro, Calco, Lodrino, Cevo, Trento, Ledro, Marebbe, Nago-Torbole, Moena, Cortaccia sulla strada del vino, Spiazzo, Stenico, Ossana, Ville d’Anaunia, Borgo d’Anaunia, Amblar-Don, Pove del Grappa, Alpago

Roman Martyrology

In Trent, St. Vigilius, bishop, who, having received from St. Ambrose of Milan the insignia of his mandate and a pastoral instruction, worked to consolidate in his territory the work of evangelization and thoroughly eradicate the remnants of idolatry; it is then handed down that he suffered martyrdom for his faith in Christ, struck down to death by uncouth pagans.

The Saint and Mission

St. Vigilius, bishop of Trent in the 4th century, is remembered for his mission to evangelize and defend the Christian faith at a time of great turbulence and transformation. Originally from a noble family, Vigilius was called to lead the Christian community of Trent at a time when Christianity was still consolidating its roots in the region. His mission was marked by a tireless commitment to spreading the Gospel, facing challenges from pagan practices and local resistance. With courage and determination, Vigilius preached the Christian faith, seeking to convert hearts and promote a life based on Gospel values. His work of evangelization was not only limited to preaching, but also included educating and supporting the Christian community, helping them to grow and become rooted in the faith. St. Vigilius is known for his martyrdom, which occurred as a consequence of his fervent missionary efforts. He was killed at the hands of pagans opposed to his conversion work, thus becoming a symbol of faithfulness and sacrifice for the cause of Christ. His martyrdom strengthened the faith of the Christian community of Trent, leaving a lasting legacy of courage and devotion. St. Vigilius mission teaches us the importance of perseverance in faith and courage in bearing witness to the Gospel. His life is a shining example of how dedication to Christ can transform a community and leave an indelible mark on the history of the Church.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Vigilius is an eloquent example of Christian mercy lived with courage and determination. As bishop of Trent, he devoted himself tirelessly to bringing the message of the Gospel to a region still heavily influenced by pagan practices. His mercy was manifested in his deep desire to enlighten minds and hearts with the truth and love of Christ. Vigilius’ compassion was seen in his constant attention to the spiritual and material needs of his community. Despite resistance and difficulties, he remained close to his people, offering guidance, comfort and support. His work of evangelization was rooted in a genuine love for the people, desiring their salvation and well-being. St. Vigilius’ martyrdom is the ultimate testimony to his mercy. Facing death at the hands of those who opposed his mission, Vigilius demonstrated supreme love, forgiving his persecutors and offering his life as a witness to the Gospel. This ultimate act of sacrifice reflects his total dedication to the service of God and neighbor. St. Vigilius’ life invites us to live mercy not only through words but also through concrete actions and personal sacrifice. His legacy reminds us that true mercy implies a deep and courageous commitment to the good of others, inspiring us to follow his example of love and compassion in our journey of faith.


Patron saint of Trentino and South Tyrol, Vigilius was the one who most successfully worked for the conversion to Christianity of those populations. Born in Trent to a Roman family, having lived in Urbe long enough to acquire the rights of citizenship, he was sent to study in Athens; returning to Trent he was consecrated bishop at such an early age as to be unusual even for those times. He built a church, which he dedicated to Sts. Gervasius and…


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