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Saint of the Day for 26 April: St. Cletus

St. Cletus: Third Pope of the Church and Martyr of the Faith


St. Cletus




1st century , Athens


July 12, 112, Rome


26 April


2004 edition


O Lord, who through the diligent care of your blessed Pontiff Anacletus you defended the Church from terrible persecution, benignly grant us that, invoking him as our protector, we may be helped by his merits.

Patron of

Belmonte del Sannio

Roman Martyrology

In Rome, commemoration of St. Cletus, pope, who ruled the Church of Rome second after the apostle Peter.



The Saint and Mission

St. Cletus, as one of St. Peter’s first successors, played a crucial role in consolidating the foundations of the nascent Church. His mission took place during a period of profound uncertainty and danger, marked by intense persecution of Christians. Despite these adversities, St. Cletus remained steadfast in his commitment to guide and protect the community of believers. Through his letters and decisions, he worked tirelessly to strengthen the cohesion and faith of the Church, emphasizing the importance of apostolic succession and ecclesiastical communion. His dedication not only helped establish a clearer identity for the Christians of that time, but also served as a powerful witness to sacrifice and service, principles still central to Christian mission today.

The Saint and Mercy

St. Cletus, in the early formative years of the Church, deeply embodied the principle of Christian mercy. Leading a fledgling and fragile community, he faced the challenge of keeping the faithful united under the pressure of external persecution. His leadership was not limited to mere organizational management; he was distinguished by the empathy and pastoral care he offered to each member of his community. Even in the face of the threat of martyrdom, Cletus demonstrated tireless mercy, caring more for the spiritual salvation and well-being of his congregants than for his own safety. This approach not only strengthened the Church’s spiritual resilience but also left a legacy of love and sacrifice, highlighting how mercy can be a powerful and transformative force, even in the harshest circumstances.


S. Anacletus was born in Athens after the middle of the first century, destined by God to wisely rule the Church in pernicious times. Giving himself early to his studies, he soon distinguished himself among his peers by the perspicacity of his wit, his love of religion and…


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